Ceramic coating / porting exhaust manifold
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      Ceramic coating / porting exhaust manifold

      Has anyone done any work on their exhaust manifold? I'm considering a turbo rebuild with a larger wheel (no idea what I want to do yet, but I want to retain a factory outer appearance and minimize rerouting stuff), and was wondering if there's any actual benefit in doing some work on the exhaust manifold ports, and if I should ceramic coat it?

      I was thinking about ceramic coating the exhaust manifold and turbo housing, and port matching / mildly polishing the accessible areas of the exhaust manifold. But if there's no realizeable benefit to this, then I'd skip the labor and just ceramic coat it.


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      Hybrid 7 blade wheel from Viva + rebuild from a shop like Pure Turbo and call it a day. The rest will be little gain for the investment/ just for looks.
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      Viva hybrid comes with ceramic coated housing iirc. I had my exhaust mani ceramic coated as well, nit sure it really made much of a difference

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      Ceramic coating the exhaust will not really hold up. I have had my DP's ceramic but my ported Honed manifold and tubular manifold were all coater with Swain White lightning, best out there.
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