So Long, It's Been Fun...
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      So Long, It's Been Fun...

      ...And Expensive.

      Hey Guys, I've got some sad news. My V70R is no longer of this world. She's actually been gone a few months but I've been transitioning to a new job and didn't have time to do a little write up.

      In early september, I was headed to work when I turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. I popped the hood to see if I could spot the culprit, but nothing jumped out. I went back to try it again and noticed a little smoke coming out of the vents. When I looked under the dash, there was already a little hand full of flames. [OH CRAP!]

      I ran inside the house to see if I could find a fire extinguisher....but after a recent move, that was a lost cause. I grabbed a big box of baking soda with little hope. My wife called 9-1-1. Within three minutes, it was, I believe the firemen used the term: "fully involved."

      When the dust settled:

      I'm sad to see her go. I had a lot of fun doing mods and working to make it a great car. She was a pretty rare Ti-cama 6-Spd with most of the fun mods. I was particulary proud of the High-Beam Euro-Light addition and the Coil-Overs that I put on the front last year. I never got around to the rears, so I have two rear KW coil-overs with no home. I'm also probably the only person in SoCal with a set of Pegs with Blizzaks:-)

      I can't say anything for certain, but I think the CEM was the culprit. I had a problem with it about 5 years ago and had to send it out to to get repaired. It looked like the fire started there.

      State Farm was actually amazing and totally took care of me. They gave me probably 2 grand more than the price of any one I could find anywhere in the US, even with 30k fewer miles.

      Unfortunately, this is the end of the Volvo run for the foreseeable future. My Grandparents bought their first 122 new in 1967. My family (including Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings etc) currently has 11, all of them wagons. The wife has said, after she saw the bill for the coil-overs, that we can't be a Volvo family any more So there's a new-to-me Venza in the driveway now.

      I'll be posting the snow-tires in the classified ads soon. They've only got a couple hundred miles on them.

      And before anyone asks....the car got towed and I have no idea what happened to it....but there really wasn't much left of it. The rims were even deformed. She was a lost cause in pretty much every way.
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      Such a sad tale! Thank whatever you believe in that it wasn't in a garage though. I can't imagine what I would do in that situation. Try to throw it in neutral and push it out before things got bad? Who knows.

      Pretty sure I saw it on one of the insurance auction sites, generally a car like that will go straight to a metal recycler from there.

      Also Venza rhymes with Divorce.
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      Sorry to see this V70 R have such a sad ending...

      I still cannot get over, though, how did you go from a V70 R to a...Venza!! Of all cars!

      Hope you get to come back, some day.
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      Sorry for your loss. Glad no one was hurt.
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      Get rid of the wife and get another R.

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      Quote Originally Posted by kyngofpop View Post
      Get rid of the wife and get another R.
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      When the word "totaled" comes back from the insurance company, everything changes.

      You can look at it this way, no vultures circling.
      Sorry for the lose.
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      Junior Member Bob H.'s Avatar
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      Wow, tough break! Shame to see such a rare one go like that, but it could have been worse.

      Sorry about the Venza :P
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      Sorry for your loss. What's amazing is that it looks like the tree was spared!
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      That's sad, but think how much worse it could have been - including even loss of life.

      As for the Venza, they aren't so terrible. A tall wagon, decent amount of space, Toyota reliability. At least it's not a Camry.

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      Oh man, sorry to see. those are hard picture to look at, I'm gutted for you (especially such a nice color combo)... But as everyone else said, no-one was hurt and it didn't happen in the garage! Hope you come back to the volvo's soon :-)

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      Is that atacama or fire can't tell lol. Sorry man that sucks. I had the same thing happen to me in one of our cars. Luckily it was an 88 vette 35th aniveresy all white on white. It deserved worse to be honest. We bought it as a beater for around town. I turned it on and white smoke started to come up from under my seat and then we jumped out and it burst into flames. Pretty cool actually besides almost dying. Fiberglass smells very bad while burning. Good luck moving on.

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      At least it had a.......Viking funeral.

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      Sorry to see you pride and joy go. I have a feeling that the Venza is not staying for long. I've always had fun cars, and every time I get a regular daily driver, it goes in under a year. What I's saying is that you need a new R, or maybe even a polestar

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      Sorry for your loss. That is why I have a CO2 extinguisher in the garage. Works great for fires with no messy cleanup and subsequent corrosion damage to the vehicle and also for works warding off bee swarms (freezes them midair), plus they are refillable after being used.

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      Sorry to see this. Glad no one was hurt (including the tree).

      Do you have any pics of the VR in her previous form?
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