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      After all my prevarication I finally ended up just buying one of the maple brown/blonde floor models. The color finally grew on me, a lot actually, spurred on by a smoking good deal that I could have never gotten if I ordered/osd, so I'm in. Like the fact that there are very few if any cars of the same color on the same road, and I've had blonde interiors on my cars for the last 6 years and prefer it to dark, so I'm pretty psyched.

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      Congratulations on the new Cross Country!
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      Interesting how you now like the Maple Brown. The same thing happened to my wife and me. Although we have ordered for OSD an Onyx Black V90, the day we were at the dealer giving a $2K deposit for the OSD order both of us sheepishly looked at each other and said, "Ya know, the brown does look good...especially in the sunlight."

      So, congrats on the V90CC in Maple Brown! Two

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      Maple Brown: Just can't make up my mind

      Eating mucho crow here but congrats on you're Maple Brown purchase. Viewed the car and color today at the dealer and that is the only brown car I'd lust after. The color is almost like thick candy molasses I'd say. Absolutely sinewey in appearance and very masculine. The detail to paint quality and fit and finish with this color in particular (compared to the other V90's at the dealer) was beyond reproach.

      What really impressed me was the cladding around the wheel wells was dripping in this Maple Brown syrup color (how I saw it). I'd be afraid to drive it for getting a rock chip around that area, whereas it looks like it's dripping down the svelte shape of the car and it'd be ruined.

      The paint detail and refractory factor of the Maple Brown is beyond reproach. Unless the model I was looking at was esspecially prepped for the showroom I hafta say that (gulp) I want a piece of that sexy brown candy lol. Congrats! Maple brown must be seen in person...truly

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      My 9 and 11 year olds loved the Maple Brown V90CC at the NY International Auto Show, they said it looked like a chocolate bar. Congrats on the purchase
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      Question here::: DID you order a 2018 V90 CC or a 2017?? I am trying to find out if 2018 V90 CC is available to be ordered now, what I am hearing is JUNE at the earliest. Thanks

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      I bought one of the many brown/blonde lux versions that are sitting at dealers. 2017 model. I doubt I'd be getting this kind of deal on a 2018 when they come in later this summer.

      I don't know why it took me so long to warm to the brown color, but the last time I checked it out I was floored by how nice it looks. I had also noticed how many greyish cars there are on the road in the US, and wanted something different.

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      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to contact my sales person a nice guy but clearly, nows zip about the 2017 vs 2018, tx again.

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      Just go on and you'll see plenty of 2017's at dealers across the country, many of them the maple brown lux models. 2018's aren't going to be in for a while yet.

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      right; I am hoping that the 2018 does not have the sensus issues, maybe I am dreaming,

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      I don't know what the difference will be when they are updating all the senses systems.

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