SOLD: 2004 S60R 65k miles AT -- SALVAGE TITLE -- Philadelphia, PA -
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      SOLD: 2004 S60R 65k miles AT -- SALVAGE TITLE -- Philadelphia, PA -

      It is with great sadness I make my first post on these forums. My R is no longeR. Having been a lurker on these forums for almost 4 years. I had hoped my first post would have been project related after seeing what others had done to their cars. Unfortunately I was in a car accident in early Feb 2017 and it was totaled. I was driving through an intersection in the left lane: someone ran the red and hit me in the mid/rear passenger side.

      The entire front of the car remains untouched.

      I bought the car in April 2013 - 34k miles. Ending Feb 2017 - 65.1k miles.

      I recently had gotten the car inspected, 1-2 weeks before crash.
      -67.5k mile service, oil and filter change, retorqued front/rear suspensions, tire rotation and balance, serviced battery & electrical system

      The Good:
      - front end
      - engine bay
      - front driver side
      - rear drive side / trunk
      - rear passenger seating good condition
      - trunk opens/closes not cosmetically affected
      - rear windshield intact
      - tail lights/assembly intact
      - steering wheel/dash intact
      - HU-803 console intact

      The Bad:
      - front passenger door significant damage (window intact, window motor and raising mechanism work)
      - passenger window curtain airbags deployed (passenger front airbag intact)
      - front passenger seat torn
      - front driver seat slight tear in seat
      - rear passenger door obliterated
      - rear passenger wheel/assembly sheered off car (Brembo brake caliper/disc not destroyed, we believe)
      - rear bumper is gone
      - damaged exhaust, leaks, unsure of condition, exhaust mainly heard from under the car
      - cup holder area loose/popped apart , no cover for cup holder area
      - cracked front driver speaker cover

      I want to sell the car as a whole, rather than piecing it out.
      Asking $2400 OBO. Will take cash, or cashier check from local bank + $500 cash.

      Located Philadelphia, PA area. You tow the car away

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      I'm sorry for your loss. We lavish attention, time, hopes, and often much $$ on these unique little beauties, never knowing when our number might be up. Important thing is, (hopefully) nobody got hurt?
      I had a similar occurrence in November. The shock takes a while to get past.
      I think you have a very good chance of finding one as nice or nicer, should you go that route.
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      That poor car :/ New Jersey driver on a cell phone in PHL I'm guessing?

      Good luck with the sale, and if all else fails I may be interested in taking the 17" wheels off your hands for the right price. The one that is ripped off the car, is it still serviceable (holds air, etc)?
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      I need the hood and fenders. Let me know. GLWS
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      No one was injured in the crash, thanks for inquiring.

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      Still for sale.

      Asking $2400.

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