Help Diagnosing an '03 XC70
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      Help Diagnosing an '03 XC70

      I'm looking at a 2003 XC70 w/168K that's in good condition (except an engine issue) and is dirt cheap. I've no experience with the 5 cylinder engine, but can fix things if it's reasonable... anyone got a clue as to what these symptoms may point to? Anything obvious?

      This is what it's doing : a loud intermittent ratting coming from top end of engine around the driver side of the valve cover. It sometimes starts right up and idles smooth. Sometimes takes extended cranking to start. Exhaust smokes after about 30 seconds of running. Engine does not run hot, oil pressure is good, no water contamination in oil. Rattling goes away when the engine is revved. There is a check engine light and it flashes sometimes but does not give a code on the sellers scanner. It runs and drives but...

      Idler? Valve adjustment? Lifters? Too much oil? ideas?

      Doug C

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      That sounds like a misfire or a trashed engine mount or exhaust... Do a compression check for the flashing CEL because that's the sign of a really really bad misfire... The valves never need adjustment. If you've never taken apart a whiteblock it's an interesting experience... Need the tools to set the CVVT properly or you will destroy the engine.
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      I'd start with pulling codes.

      An exhaust manifold leak can sound like rattling.

      What colour is the smoke? If it's oil it could be a blown turbo.
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      Doug C, where are you? There may be someone around with a VIDA who can pull the actual codes. Volvos are mostly "secret" codes that off-the-shelf OBDII scanners will not be able to pull.
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