Shift knob for an '03 automatic.
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      Shift knob for an '03 automatic.

      Does anyone know if you can do something to where you can shift out of park, into park etc... without pressing the button in a 2003 S60? I really want a new knob because I hate the factory one.

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      Yes, you can remove the parts that engage the locking system but it's risky. Without it you can bump the shifter out of park and have it roll away, or you could bump it in to park while driving. Same with reverse.

      You think "oh that won't happen" and then some rowdy friend of yours starts a tickle fight with other passengers and bam - ruined transmission and/or accident.

      That wouldn't happen to me now but it did actually happen to me when I was in college. Except I didn't disable the button so they just kicked the shifter into neutral.
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