SOLD: 98 S70 base automatic in NJ. Only 86k miles. $2k OBO.
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      SOLD: 98 S70 base automatic in NJ. Only 86k miles. $2k OBO.

      Hey folks. Time to move on. I bought this in August 2012 from an elderly couple in NJ who bought it new and moved to Florida. It only had about 36k miles at that time. In their possession, it had an encounter with a deer on the passenger fender, which was poorly repaired and the clearcoat has since started to peel. The rear bumper is also in bad shape, as you can see. During our time with it, my wife encountered a deer with the other side of the car, breaking the clear corner light.

      Good: runs great, shifts great. As soon as I purchased it: Trans was flushed and filled with synthetic; T-belt, tensioner, water pump service; full tune-up; front suspension redone (new a-arms, endlinks, tie rods, struts) and new shocks in the rear; new projector lights and clear corners installed; touchscreen bluetooth stereo installed (has SD card slot, DVD drive, USB input in the rear, handsfree calling with microphone at top of A pillar); ABS module rebuilt. Just last summer at 84k miles, new IPD springs and rear control links and delta links installed, new rotors and pads at all 4 corners; synthetic oil change. I have found no rust on it and the seats are in very nice shape. Oh, and it passed inspection in August.

      Bad: rear bumper and aforementioned deer aftermath paint/clearcoat issues; not all speakers are working; ABS light is on (to the best of my knowledge, the left front sensor is busted); air con does not work (I believe it is the condensor); power steering has a slow leak and needs topping off on occasion; even with all the suspension work, there is a clunk in the rear over bumps when car is cold that I can't track down; service light is on because I don't have a reset tool; winter tires are worn out.

      I think that about covers it. Let me know if I missed anything. I'm asking $1750 OBO figuring there are a good deal of worthwhile parts here if nothing else. A low mileage motor and transmission, nice seats, fairly new IPD springs, good stereo, etc.


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      Oh, I'm in Millstone, NJ.

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      Price lowered. Somebody must need cheap transportation. My kids are too young, otherwise they'd get this car.

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