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      The Last Control Arms You'll Ever Buy @ FCP EURO!

      Hey Swedespeed,

      Spring is upon us and there is no better time to refresh your ride before summer hits.

      Beat the heat by replacing your worn out control arms before the Hot temperatures roll in!

      Also, don't forget that we offer a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on all of our parts INCLUDING WEAR AND TEAR ITEMS!.

      Step 1: Purchase a Control Arm Kit
      Step 2: Use it/Wear it out
      Step 3: Get a free replacement!

      It's that simple! And it stands for all of our parts including oil, oil filters, brake pads, rotors, and wiper blades!
      Don't believe it? Try us....

      Visit our site at FCPEURO.COM, enter your vehicles year, make, and model on the left, then search "Control Arm Kit".

      If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at
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      Jason VanGorden
      FCP Euro Volvo Product Manager
      Quality & Service, Guaranteed for Life

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      Assuming the third kit uses the Lemforder LCAs, I used this kit on my front end rebuild. The parts seem to be of excellent quality and installed without too much fuss. I will say that the hole in the LCA is slightly smaller than the OEM hole. The difference made it impossible for me to attach my ratchet strap hook to the hole like I can with stock LCAs but looping the strap around the arm and through the hook got me around the problem. The one addition I would like to see would be the inclusion of the LCA bolts into the kit. They are torque to yield, which I didn't realize until after I had ordered the parts and started reading through my manual in preparation for the project.
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