Changing the transmission oil on the volvo M56 gearbox (01 S60 T5)
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      Changing the transmission oil on the volvo M56 gearbox (01 S60 T5)

      Hello, I was wondering if anybody had some information for changing the transmission oil the the 2001 S60 T5. I am having some difficulty finding the location of the drain plug as well as the fill port and the size of the gaskets for the fill and drain plug. Has anybody done this before? Help is very much appreciated. Seems like sort of a dumb question but I haven't found any extensive information of how it is done for this transmission and I'm not a mechanic by any means (I learn as I go along).
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      Hi, I wonder did you get the job done? If not its fairly straight forward, the fill and drain plugs are located on the left side of the gearbox above the short driveshaft, they are a large size socket maybe a 24mm or so, you have to remove the wheel to have good access to them. The fill plug is the top one and the drain plug the one below it. Clean around the area and open the fill plug first in case your left with an empty gearbox, should the fill plug be seized. Then open the drain plug and drain the fluid, there is a copper washer on each plug change them if you want I re used mine because they were ok. Refit the drain plug and washer, refill the gearbox through the top fill plug until the fluid flows out of the fill plug hole I think they take 2.1L of 75/80w but your local parts shop should be able to advice you on that some say go with the 30€ per liter Volvo dealer stuff but my one has ran eurol since nearly 3 years without a problem so up to you again I suppose, then refit the fill plug and washer I think you torque both of them to around 30-35Nm, that's it! You can also fill the gearbox via the reverse light switch but I never done it this way before, it is tricky to fill it just using the bottle from the wheel arch as space is limited, so you may need a length of hose and funnel so you can fill it from the top of the engine bay. Hope that helped !

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      I have always filled them through the reverse light switch. So much easier!
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      Same here. Draining is fine but filling through the intended fill hole without a lift and a pump system is a nightmare. It's not like overfilling is an issue so just make sure it's enough (2.1L).
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