S60 AM RADIO HELP! Tech support wanted
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      S60 AM RADIO HELP! Tech support wanted

      My 2012 S60 has the standard radio package and the pre wire kit for NAV. It did not get the nav pkg or any other add ins.
      I bought it used as lease return and CPO with warranty.

      It's Baseball season and I want to hear AM play by play.

      I have a real problem with the static/interference in the AM radio.
      Specifically 760kHz

      I have been to the dealer twice for help and asked:

      Check connection to the antenna and radio.
      Check ground.

      This is the symptom:

      Under over passes there is a strain of static through the speakers.
      Around tall buildings in the city there is a strain of static through the speakers.
      Near power poles in residential areas there is a strain of static through the speakers.

      UNIQUE! and I can't figure out any solution.
      When there is some static at a stop sign or in a garage with interference, if you turn the steering wheel a little left or right or continuously, the static increases!

      #1 I'd like the static to be suppressed.

      Questions and options to the crowd and any techs out there:

      I have been told:

      by Aftermarket radio installer. The 2012 S60 radio has some kind of link to the car computer and really can't be replaced with an aftermarket radio.

      By dealer that the rear window tinting has interference to the antenna. supposed to be metal in the film? Hard for me to believe.

      By dealer-There is another nav/radio that is VOLVO part and can be upgraded. $800-1600! yikes! Not guaranteed to eliminate the static.
      Would this upgrade radio have less static?

      Please let me know any opinions, and really need facts from engineers or experts.

      Is the alternator interfering with the system. Since the power steering operation affects the noise there is some link to the radio reception. Bad ground? Some power producing feedback? P/S has an electric component?

      Is the antenna affected by window film?
      Where is the AM part of the antenna?

      Is there a resistor/device that can be installed in the wiring/antenna to suppress the static?

      Does anyone with an S60 (2012) have great AM radio reception?
      Does anyone have the full nav radio and have no static in AM reception?

      ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS or what else should I press to the dealer to repair?

      Direct replies can be sent to:

      91 940 SE (retired)
      2014 Toyota Avalon HYB
      2012 S60 Copper (Great Pumpkin)

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      Borrow a portable AM radio from someone and drive around and see if you can duplicate it--if so, it's obviously the car and you could start troubleshooting and stumble on a fix or not fix it at all. If not, that's the way amplitude modulated RF works. I feel for you--my AM radio died on my C30 a couple years ago and it remains dead and will so forever.
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      AM radio is very susceptible to noise on nearby power systems from machinery, welding, industrial equipment, commercial dryers, and the list goes on. It's exacerbated by any machinery that has variable frequency drive which is a lot today.

      The distance to the station and their broadcast power will also have a great influence.

      One low cost solution may be if you can find a portable radio that works, and has an earphone jack, feed it into your AUX analog input jack (if you have one as my 2013 does, in the center console compartment next to the USB jack).

      A good portable radio may have a good sized ferrite bar antenna (internal, not visible). Your old Sony boomboxes had decent AM reception. You can (usually) rotate the radio so its long edge is perpendicular to the station direction for best reception. Disclaimer: Don't play with the reception while driving


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      I feel that the AM reception is generally poor in my S60 compared to my previous vehicles. It behaves similarly to what you describe, seemingly being more sensitive than it should be when driving under overpasses or near power lines. I also lose reception much quicker as I get further from the source. As I don't listen to a ton of AM radio, I haven't bothered much. I use satellite radio to get the baseball games, of course my team is not local so this is the only way for me, but it works well.
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      You're fighting a losing battle. AM Radio is susceptible to interference from the car itself and from so many external sources.

      Do you have an Apple or Android smart phone with a decent data plan and live in an area with good cell reception?

      If so, you can get the KFMB app and see if you can stream the games over that: http://www.760kfmb.com/story/2472945...760#mobileapps

      Once you have the app and connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth, you just press the Media button to go to Media, then press the Media button again if necessary and choose "Bluetooth" from the menu on the left.

      I hope this helps.
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      I would suspect the motor that drives the pump for power steering fluid pressure is the noise source
      when turning the wheel. I believe it turns on and off to build pressure. Sorry, not sure how you would
      suppress it.
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      I have horrible static at all times with my AM radio. I also have dark tint on my car, so perhaps there's something to that having an impact on reception. Glad someone is addressing this topic. Very interested in more discussion.
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      I've been following this thread with interest but haven't had time to check my reception yet. In the Northeast, AM is still very much alive for talk radio and for key sports coverage (i.e. Sox).

      Check out this thread: https://www.brickboard.com/AWD/volvo...l_problem.html

      There are many like it if you search, and there were several TSBs on am reception.

      The thread I posted raises a question in my mind. If am reception is (or seems like from reading) a low priority for Volvo, is it possible that TSB improvements were not carried forward into newer models (or considered in new designs of the antenna, preamps, etc.). The link I listed is for a 2005 yet the TSBs were 4 - 5 years older than that.

      Does Volvo fix things ?? I have a 2013 but it may occasionally be good to know.


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      In my experience, if the interference is the problem and not a weak signal the amplifier will just amplify the interference.
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