I recently purchased an 2.4D -06, and I am really happy with its performance
However, after scanning it for fault codes with my OBD2-reader(ELM 327 V2.1) I got a P2A00 error, indicating a problem with my O2 sensor circuit bank 1 sensor 1.
I scanned it for error codes about a month ago, and it came back clean, so I guess something must have happened in that timespan.

The O2 sensor readings are not helping me out either (running idle):

O2 Sensor1 Equivalence Ratio: 0.18
O2 Sensor1 wide-range Voltage: -0.03
O2 Sensor2 Equivalence Ratio: 0.1
O2 Sensor2 wide-range Voltage: -0.03
O2 Sensor3 Equivalence Ratio: 0.1
O2 Sensor3 wide-range Voltage: -0.03
And so on... until
O2 Sensor7 Equivalence Ratio: 0.45
O2 Sensor7 wide-range Voltage: -0.03

After some research online, it seems like the Equivalence ratio should be around 1.0. And I can't understand how the same wide-range voltage can generate different equivalence ratios

The car is running fine, without an increased fuel consumption. And I have not noticed any black smoke comming out of the exhaust. The check engine light is also not lit. Do you think I should be concerned?