Where is the A/C relay on V50 P1???
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      Where is the A/C relay on V50 P1???

      Because of the A/C compressor not workingAC clutch not engagingEven I restart the car trun A/C on off on off on off still no cold air coming out
      I checked the 10A fuse just fine,but I cant see where is the AC relay?
      New AC compressor is very expensive,God bless me

      Thanks for reading

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      You likely just need to re-shim your compressor clutch. As it wears, the gap get wider until the electromagnet can no longer engage the clutch. Removing shims or replacing with thinner ones narrows the gap.

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      Actually I have no idea which part fail,
      Refrigerant leaking?AC com magnet?AC com connector?
      The AC system is a complicated beast.make me cry make me smile...

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      Simple way to tell - Turn it on. See if AC is pumping out cold air. Then smack it with a mallet or a piece of wood on the pulley side (passenger side). Then check and see if AC is working. If smacking it works, you know you need to reshim your compressor. If it doesn't work then you know you have another problem.

      The magnet is just an electromagnet, so unless the wiring has failed, it won't be the issue. Refridgerant - unless you've had leaking neon colored oil, no issue there, relay can go bad, but if it is (it's either in the CEM behind the glovebox or the one in the enginebay).
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      The AC condensor really hasn't any sort of protective parts to it, are you sure there's no leaks? There's a lot of P1s out there where the condenser got chipped and started to leak, including mine two years ago.
      A shop quoted around $800 for parts and labor, i ordered parts from germany and did the swap myself, total cost around $300.
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