Volvo OEM Engine Heater Compatibility Across 5-cylinder Engine Family B52xxxx
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      Volvo OEM Engine Heater Compatibility Across 5-cylinder Engine Family B52xxxx

      I am seeking advice from someone who has in-depth knowledge of Volvo 5-cylinder engines, specifically the 2.4l. B5244T and the 2.5l. B5254T2 variants.

      My previous Volvo was a 2000 V70 XC with B5244T engine. I live in a cold climate and was able to purchase a Volvo OEM engine heater for that engine. This was a contact-type engine heater that mounted to the outside of the engine block, on the firewall-side.

      My current Volvo is a 2007 XC70 with B5254T2, engine and I would like to purchase a similar-type heater for this engine. Unfortunately the OEM engine heater sold by Volvo specifically for this car is no longer available, so I am exploring alternatives.

      The engine heater model specified for my old Volvo with B5244T is still available for sale, so that is one possible option. Can anyone offer an opinion as to whether the electric heating element of the engine heater specified for the B5244T engine will fit on my B5254T2 engine? I guess the question comes down to whether the B5244T engine and B5254T2 engine share the same basic engine block external casting? The engine heater in question has several grooves in it, presumably intended to mate precisely with the contours of the B5244T engine block. If I have certainty that the B5244T heating element also fits the B5254T2 engine block, I am willing to take a flyer and try to work around any other installation challenges such as cord routing, plug mounting, etc. It doesn't need to be fancy.

      Another option is Volvo OEM part # 31373831 which is still available for sale: ... 73831.html
      The "What This Fits" list on this website does not include my 2007 XC70, however it does include "Volvo XC90 2.5l 5 cylinder Turbo" model years 2003-2007.
      So I looked up B5254T2 engine at the Wiki site for Volvo Modular Engine: ... ne#B5254T2
      and that wiki lists both the 2003-2007 Volvo XC70 as well as the 2003-2012 Volvo XC90 under the B5254T2 engine.
      So I'm wondering if exclusion of my 2007 XC70 from the "What This Fits" list for part # 31373831 at the volvopartswebstore website is based on incompatibility of some of the other mounting parts included in the kit, for example the bumper-mounted or grill-mounted electric plug. I really don't care about the plug mounting location, I'm OK with a dangling cord if that's what it need to be, but I do need to have certainty that the electric heating element unit at the other end of the cord is compatible with my XC70's B5254T2 engine.

      So, as I said, I would definitely appreciate advice from someone who knows these engines.

      May I respectfully ask potential responders to refrain from suggesting alternate engine heater options. I am aware of other engine heater options but I would appreciate if we could keep this thread on this specific question and not get into alternatives at this point.

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      I would very much like to know about this as well.

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