Hello friends,

I'm looking to upgrade my newly purchased V60's low beam bulbs with something a bit brighter. I was previously driving a 2007 C30 with xenon bulbs and I miss them.

I'm not willing to try and retrofit a xenon system in my V60 so I'm trying to find the best bulbs. I know many people are using modified H9's in their H11 low beams but I'd rather not do that.

So here's my question.
  1. Does anyone recommend the Hoen H11 Xenonmatch bulb?
  2. Does anyone prefer the Philips H11 CrystalVision Ultra?
  3. If people recommend the Hoen do you think it's safer to use the H11 55w bulb listed in their fog light section instead of the 70w version listed in their low beam section?

Thank you so much for your insights and patience