2004 Volvo S60R Titanium Grey/Atacama M66 in Utah
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      2004 Volvo S60R Titanium Grey/Atacama M66 in Utah

      For sale: 2004 Volvo S60R, 6 speed manual, titanium grey/atacama (orange) interior. 193,500 miles. 18" pegs. Ive had this car since December 2016 as my project car. Mainly just swapping interior and a few things from my parts caR. I need to sell this ASAP so that I can do a clutch job on my minty 2007 S60R that recently developed the dreaded slave cylinder leak. Details as follows:

      The Good:
      - Engine runs real strong
      - Compression is good and consistent on all 5 Cylinders
      - Clutch feels really tight and works great
      - Lots of service records included
      - Factory navigation (No map disc included)
      - Clean carfax (minor damage reported back in 2010 but does not indicate it was in an accident) Can send carfax report upon request
      - Car came from factory with Gobi interior. I swapped in the complete atacama interior from a parts car. Interior in decent shape with no rips or holes.
      - 4C suspension settings work excellent! Very responsive.
      - New spark plugs, swapped good used coil packs
      - Brake rotors/pads replaced recently
      - Battery replaced recently and is very strong
      - Center console has been plastidipped and looks good.

      The Bad:
      - AWD not working - AG/drive shaft/rear end noisy. Tough to tell if the noise is coming from the AG or the rear diff. Sounds like its coming from both, so im not exactly sure whats going on there. There is a light vibration at speeds above approx. 30 mph.. Im assuming its associated with the AWD issue.
      - ABS/Anti-Skid/Brake Assist light is on. Don't know anything beyond that. Brakes still work. Haven't diagnosed anything on this matter
      - Both rear tires are completely bald! Nothing left on them. Front at approx. 30%
      - Daytime running light bulbs out.
      - Radiator leaks randomly from time to time. I have a used spare radiator I can throw in with the deal.
      - Oil change is due
      - Paint is faded in some spots, mostly on the driver side rear pillar between the rear door and rear window and on the sides by the trunk. (Lots of picture available in my photobucket folder)
      - Radio is a bit spontaneous at times
      - Front passenger window is finicky. The clips holding the glass to the regulator had fallen off when I got the car. I put the clips back in place but its still a bit touchy. Works and stays up now, but I wouldnt mess with it much.
      - Front seats show some wear and some popped seams. Carpets could use a shampoo but no major stains.
      - Cup holder cover has 1 tab broken but the other is still in tact and it works.. very fragile though.
      - Dash pad cover above gauges cracked. Has been replaced with a standard S60 pad cover (without the blue stitching)
      - Has a pending OBD2 Code P0442

      The pegs shown on the car in the pictures are NOT included. I will swap out another set of pegs before the sale. I have included an image below of the pegs that will be on the car. I plan to plastidip them gray once the tires are swapped. Id really like to move this car ASAP so I have priced it accordingly. Asking $2,600 OBO. Open to reasonable offers but no low-ballers please. I think it is priced reasonably for its current condition. I still have my 04 ti-grey parts caR with a lot of parts left on it so if you think you need any parts off it im sure we can work out a deal for the right offer. If for some strange reason you want the old dirty Gobi interior that came out of the car its yours for a full price offer (or close).

      Here is a link to my photobucket folder with TONS of pictures inside and out along with a video of the engine running:

      Located in Layton Utah. Call/text/PM me for more info.

      -Matt 208-313-7482.

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