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    Thread: Build or Sell

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      Build or Sell

      I have had my 06 auto since 2010, and I love that temperamental little thing but now i need to decide something. Is it time to sell it or build it. The alarm doesn't work, the charge pipe is bad, it needs a timing belt, there is a howl from the trans and it sometimes gives me a code and shuts off the AWD.
      Questions i have are this.
      -Is this worth fixing anymore?
      -Is there any software out there like HP Tuners, i looked and can't seem to find much. Is it easier to use a Microsquirt and bin the stock stuff.
      -Anyone put any real power through these blocks or is the 2.4 better to build?
      -Is a manual conversion worth the hassle? Or with a Microsquirt would it be easier?
      -and what do all you think a stock 2006 is worth now i were to sell it.

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      It's up to you if it's worth keeping, but for tuning, Hilton seems to be the most reccomended. I know that he can also reprogram your ecu for a manual swap if you choose that option. Depending on where you are, you can probably find a complete manual swap from someone parting a car out. The stock ecu has more than enough processing power to handle 99% of the builds out there.

      And in general, a car is worth nothing if it needs major maintanence items, unless you are a crook and lie about it.
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