I've been fighting with my 2004 XC70 for over a year now. It started with a driver's side axle shaft that sheared off at the tripod cup when I tried to remove it. I bought a used transmission and installed it by taking the engine/transmission out so I could update the PCV parts and such. That transmission was bad immediately. I took the car to a transmission shop so they could give me an official diagnosis for when I called the yard I got it from. They refunded my money (didn't have any more on hand) and I got another transmission from another local yard and I let the transmission shop install it while the car was there. It never functioned perfectly, but it worked. It had hard and flare shifts, and I found the B4 servo hadn't been updated, so I did that and found the B4 servo had separated inside anyway. That helped a little, but the damage was already done. Long story short, this transmission heats up and shifts like crap when there's a lot of start/stops or sitting, but does fine at speed most of the time. Eventually, it will heat up and throw a code for slipping, and then go into limp mode until I reset the computer. I even installed a pretty large transmission cooler last May, which helped but wasn't enough.

Anyways, I'm replacing my transmission again. I got one from Erie Vo-Vo, who apparently sells only Volvo used parts. I'm also replacing my front struts at the same time. I ordered all of the normal seals for the transmission, too. I did the rear main seal on the motor while I had it out last time and I serviced the angle gear then, too. I think I want to take this transmission out from the bottom this time. Does anyone have a good guide for this? I have VIDA and I can lookup those instructions, but I know they're not always the best. I also found this thread, but it is a manual transmission so things are slightly different with that. I have the means to lift my car high enough in my garage, I have a transmission jack, I have a way to support the engine across the fenders, and I have multiple jack stands.

Also, I think I'll go for a new torque converter with this transmission. Anyone have a source?