How do you access the 3rd brake light?
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      How do you access the 3rd brake light?

      The number of functioning LEDs in my daughter's 3rd brake light has slowly diminished down to zero. I'm thinking that to get to it you open the top half way such that the trunk lid is vertical. Can anyone confirm?

      Also, from internet parts pictures this appears to be a sealed unit which requires total replacement. However, I was wondering if anyone has unsealed one (perhaps by heating in an oven in much the same way that some do to headlights for installing projectors) and just soldered in new LEDs. If so, what size LEDs did it take? A couple of dollars worth of LEDs sounds much better than a $90 brake light to me.

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      I have a similar issue - the lens on my 3rd brake light is badly cracked (previous owner must have hit it somehow), so I would like to replace it, but how??

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      I actually checked it and tested mine Sunday. As I'd assumed, you remove it by partially opening your top such that your trunk lid is vertical. Then remove the trunk lid liner, squeeze connector and nuts on the back of the light. You can't simply access it by opening the trunk from the back because part of the top assembly (boot cover)blocks access to the trunk lid liner when the top is in coupe configuration.

      I took a couple of pics to show this and will upload them to Photobucket and post them asap.

      The lowest price on the oem 3rd brake light I've found is from tasca auto parts. I went ahead and ordered it instead of experimenting with the old one. It was $72. I believe they have free shipping if you order over $99. I didn't so shipping was $9.00ish (I'd just ordered various items from voluparts and ipd so I didn't need anything else).
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      Here's some explanatory pics:

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