First Drive: 2017 V90 Cross Country.
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      First Drive: 2017 V90 Cross Country.

      Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country has been designed to reconnect people with their true passions and to live their lives to the fullest through amazing journeys. This Scandinavian sanctuary truly inspires rediscovery in a manner unique to a wagon and unique to Volvo.

      My initial impressions and the Full Story here |
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      Nice article. As someone who bikes 4000 miles a year and would rather spend a week hiking in Colorado than a week in Paris, I think I fit their demographic.

      As you pointed out, our biggest disappointment in ordering was the color choices. We would prefer red or blue, but settled on crystal white pearl.

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      As you pointed out, our biggest disappointment in ordering was the color choices. We would prefer red or blue, but settled on crystal white pearl.[/QUOTE]

      I agree on the colors. I don't care for the black bumpers and so was willing to spring for the luxury package which deletes the black. Unfortunately, the luxury package can't be had in the magic blue which would would have been our preference.
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      Limiting the color options with the Luxury Package hurts my feelings, but I remember reading or hearing recently that the plastic moldings are actually specially mixed with special pigments to get them to look just like the painted parts of the car. It may be that the color-matched moldings are still made this way and they can't do this for every color without it getting very expensive. Like the old plastic moldings, they have to stock those separately? In Sweden, the cost of the body-color moldings is just a little more than the cost of Metallic Paint, so call it $650-ish. I'm not sure if this is actually how they are made, however. They may just be regular painted parts and Volvo may just want me to feel bad.
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      Hmm I fit well in their demographic. 42, manager, active mtn bike, hiker, camper, backcounty exploring, but also want nice comfortable commuter.

      I have an XC70 and looked a V90CC when my XC70 was in shop for routine service. From luxury and appearance standpoint the V90 is nice, however it sacrifices alot utility and space with rear compartment. Seems like the P3 XC70 has more useable space.

      BTW... since I live in the Phoenix area I am curious where you guys tested. Saw what looks like Barlett lake and some of the surrounding roads and clearly Sedona as well.
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      I own all three generations of the XC70.
      Nice review but the real proof will be the real world reliability and SENSUS operation.
      I have become spoiled by another marque that for two vehicles for me has had zero problems.-Richard
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