V90cc t8?
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    Thread: V90cc t8?

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      V90cc t8?

      Has there been any talk of a T8 version for the Cross Country version? I know that there was an earlier thread about a V90 T8 but the thought was that there was too little volume to justify it in the U.S.
      I'd be all over the V90 T8 but would certainly go for the V90CC T8 if it were available.
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      At this point if they do bring it out, it would probably be a 2019 model year. They probably want to launch the V90 and V90XC then see if there is demand. I would love a V90XC T8, but I "Settled" for the V90XC T6.

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      Unfortunately there will be no T8 for V90CC, from what I read in this forum and other places.
      V90 T8 is our only hope.

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