"Brake Failure" After New Stereo
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      "Brake Failure" After New Stereo

      I installed a new stereo and after driving several days with no issues, I get the Brake Failure code. It showed up when I finished initial wiring and tested before I put it back in the dash, so I tightened the grounds and the code went away, I assumed it was gone. Between the code showing up and going away, I had also disconnected the climate control module, which may be related? I'll dig into the grounds again, but does anyone have specific suggestions if it may be related to the radio? I also installed a backup camera and connected a wire to the parking brake plug at the base of the parking brake handle for the new Stereo.
      2006 Volvo S60R aka Vivian Geartronic

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      Culprit appears to be the steering controls adapter for the stereo. Unplugged, code goes away. Plug back in, code comes back. I'm going on a trip, so I'll do without the steering controls until I get back. I'll redo the wiring on the module, and hopefully that solves it.
      2006 Volvo S60R aka Vivian Geartronic

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      which steering wheel module did you use? if you used the Metra one, did you update the firmware first?

      I had no issues with mine.

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      I didn't update the firmware. I'll try that, but after my trip, so I won't have an update until July. I'll test by fixing the connections first, assuming they are loose, and see if it makes a difference. That way, I'll know for sure what it was, and maybe help someone in the future
      2006 Volvo S60R aka Vivian Geartronic

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