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      Exclamation R Forum - Welcome Thread - Click here if you are NEW to the forum

      Welcome to the R Forum! Despite it's name, this forum is mainly a resource for the P2 S60R / V70R 2003-2007 models.
      In this forum you will find a lot of information and resources.

      To get you started. Here are a few links to get you rolling.

      Swedespeed & R Forum Info for Members
      SS Forum FAQ
      Forum Rules and Guidelines
      How to post pictures on SS

      Social & Interaction
      GTG Photo Albums
      Your Car Pictures
      R Photo Gallery
      Official 1/4 Mile Times

      Mods & Info

      Ultimate "What should I look for in an R" thread
      S60R / V70R Modification & Repair Index
      Listing of differences between model years
      Dyno Data
      Tracking your Car from the Factory
      Preparing for a Track Day
      Popular aftermarket Wheels
      Wheel Offset Tutorial
      The truth behind airbox restrictions and better breathing

      Technical and Repairs

      DEM heatshield
      Oil change
      Reset regular maintenance service light (video)
      Reset regular maintenance service light
      Complete fluid change
      Immobilizer message reset
      Clean MAF
      Fuel pressure sensor (CEL P0193)
      Spark plug replacement
      How to fix low hanging exhaust
      How to Sea Foam your R
      Reverse light switch replacement
      Wastegate Adjustment
      OBDII to Volvo Code Conversion List

      Forum Suggestions
      Your Ideas for this Thread

      If there is a particular guide or technical information you would like to share. PM DevolvR, Giraff3 or chris@swedespeed to have it added to this thread!
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