Adjusting the wastegate 2005 V70R
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      Adjusting the wastegate 2005 V70R

      My check engine light lit up and I was getting rough idle start ups and small backfires shifting when the engine was cold. Pulled the codes and had minor misfires on coil #3 and #5. Changed the coils and at the same time put in OEM Volvo R plugs. ( The motor had the short plugs in it!!! ) Started and idled much smoother after that but then the light went on again after a week and I got a P0101 code. MAF. Changed the MAF sensor and it was off for 2 start-ups in a row before it lit up again. I got under the car and started looking for any cracked vacuum lines when I noticed that the waste gate pushrod was sticking and didn't feel smooth so after freeing it up, I cleared the codes again and still getting the MAF error code. Can anyone please tell me what the factory vacuum setting is on the waste gate? Am I barking up the wrong tree?
      Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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      How is your pcv system? A clogged pcv can cause may codes, and can cause your throttle to get dirty which will cause running issues.

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      Wastegate adjusting will not cure your problem
      R needs to bead with VIDA to see what stored codes there are
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      Scan it with VIDA... That's the answer.
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      I've been down a similar road. So you have zero misfires now?

      I am also currently nursing a MAF code... just found my over head pcv hose completely f'd. Wasn't noticeable looking at it but the thing fell into pieces, couldn't have been working. Oil on top of the head is a sign it's leaking.
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      235,000K highway Kilometers. I'm the 2'nd owner of the car and know the guy I bought it from that he travelled 200 k's each day to get back and forth from work. I also got every service bill from new and the car has run full synthetic from the 3'rd oil change. I forked out $100 bucks to read the codes on a $14,000 Snap-On OBD reader and nothing came up that leads to the waste gate, and nothing that comes up PCV related either but the advice that I've been getting has me leaning to start with the PCV system even though there's no oil blowing from the dipstick or filler cap. The engine stays clean without a drip. I'm not too keen spending $400 on an entire PCV kit if I don't really need it but does someone have an idea what I should start to replace first?

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      P.S. what is VIDA? Thanks guys.

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      The check engine light and Service Required message is driving me nuts like an itch that you can't scratch. I was going to get serious about it this Tuesday, but now, this morning, the hood won't latch. Looks like I have to change the cables. GRRR.

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      Quote Originally Posted by V70R carbon View Post
      P.S. what is VIDA? Thanks guys.
      Simply, its the software portion of the scanning system that Volvo provides its dealers to diagnose its cars. To complete the system you also need a DiCE which is a hardware interface between the OBD2 system resident in the car and VIDA which is installed on a laptop used by the mechanic. Peruse this section of the forum ( and all will be revealed in regard to VIDA/DiCE, how to get it and set it up as well as some info on how to use it. Because it is Volvo's own system it will read all codes spit out by the car. That is, it reads those codes covered by the part of the OBD2 spec that states that the OEM can have proprietary codes that do not have to be readable by a "generic" reader, even a $14K one.

      In addition to being able to read the codes, VIDA also has the maintenance and repair info necessary to repair and maintain the entire car as well as the parts images. In other words, it is the official repair manual and parts book.


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      Thanks Bill. Appreciate the info. I did the glove PCV test on the oil filler cap and the glove wanted to pull inside so I assume it isn't clogged which leaves me with the waste gate. When I attach a pump to it, the rod doesn't move smoothly at all and looks like it's sticking, it moves in spurts which leads me to think that if the gate is allowing full boost at low RPM's that it would send a P0101 code? If not that, could it be that my parts guy sold me a new MAF sensor for a low pressure turbo by mistake if there's a difference? I was also thinking that if the catalytic was clogged, I could get an MAF code from that. I'm sorry for the bunch of questions.

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