For Sale: 1993 Volvo 940 - Charlotte, NC area
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      For Sale: 1993 Volvo 940 - Charlotte, NC area

      Swedespeed seems more for the R/AWD crowd, but figured I would put this here anyway:

      My daily driver for the last year. Put about 12,000 trouble-free miles on it in that time.

      I've always wanted a wagon. Bought this 940 sedan because at the time I was in full-blown sell-off mode re: vehicles and needed something cheap and reliable to drive while I put another of my cars up for sale.

      Ended up really liking the car and thought I'd keep it for the long haul, but I could never shake the desire for a wagon. Initially wanted a V70R then decided I liked the redblock RWD (and much cheaper to maintain), so I set my sights on a turbo 940 wagon. Got frustrated with looking at bomb after bomb that needed too much work,, had a busted interior, or were leaking too much oil. Ended up betraying the Volvo brand and bought a 2003 BMW 525i wagon.

      All that to say....moving on to a wagon is only reason I'm looking to sell the Volvo. It truly is a solid car. I already have a 93 F-150 Lightning as a "restoration" candidate to spend money on. Don't have room or money to add another.
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