V50 Service Schedule -- help
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      V50 Service Schedule -- help

      I just signed up and reading all these great info for hours now. What a great forum. I've a question, however.

      As I don't drive so much, my 12 month old V50 2.4 has mere 7500km (less than 5000 mile). Now, my volvo manual says that I need to do have service done at 12000km (or 7500 mile), but there is nothing about monthly service intervals, i.e., 12 month service requirement (or does it?). I had done a oil change at 3500km (a few month ago), however.

      Now, should I wait until my car reachs 12000km or should I do the oil change now as it has been 12 month since I got the car?

      I do not drive wild nor race but I do live in a cold climate. For Canadian there is no free oil change, so I'd like to save $100 if there is no need for the oil change.

      What are your advices?


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      Re: V50 Service Schedule -- help (readnik)


      Cold climate = harsh conditions for the car. Just go to the shop once a year. It should be fine. Also, perhaps try to find out how people in Sweden are dealing with it. Both climates are almost the same.

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