V70R and wheel offset
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      V70R and wheel offset

      I've been reading the archives and I'd like to make sure that I understand a few things...

      I have a 2004 V70R with 17" Pegasus wheels. I believe that means they have a 5x108mm bolt pattern with a 46mm offset and 7.5" width. Is all of that info correct? (I'm away from home right now so I can't just check the label on the gas filler door).

      So tire rack lists Sport Edition D3s as a replacement wheel. I believe these wheels have a 38mm offset with a 7" width. If I did the math correctly, the outside edge of the D3 will be 1.65mm more outboard with the D3s and the inboard edge will be 14.35mm more outboard with the D3s.

      So the outer edge is in about the same place (good for brake clearance) but the inner edge has moved out by more than 1/2". Seems like enough change in geometry that it might effect the suspension (I'm also running Evolve springs).

      Anyone have experience with this combo (D3's with Evolve springs)?

      Is the offset for the 17" x 7.5" pegasus wheels really 46mm?

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (shelby_sho)

      17x8, 46mm offset
      2004 V70R, red/atacama with a stick and pretty much totally stock.

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (shelby_sho)

      Caliper clearance is a bigger issue..

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (Johann)

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (shelby_sho)

      I do know that these wheels clear the calipers. One of my friends has done a test fit.

      So the 17" Pegasus wheels are 8" wide....I thought that I had found a sheet showing them to be 7.5" wide.

      Using a 8" width as the base, the D3's outer edge will be inboard by 4.7mm and the inner edge will be 20.7mm more outboard.

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (shelby_sho)

      A change to ET38 will move radial centerline of wheel OUT by 8mm

      So if wheel is 7 inch, the inside edge moves OUT by 1/2" + 8mm and the outside edge moves IN by 1/2" - 8mm

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (JimLill)

      Ok, our numbers agree, but is it a bad thing (handling or durability wise) For the wheel centerline to be shifted by 8mm?

      I know it will clear the caliper and the new wheel will not extend past where the OEM one was, but the centerline has still shifted. Any one notice any problems running a 38mm offset?

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (shelby_sho)

      8mm is nothing to worry about...................

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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (shelby_sho)

      I'm running a 35 mm offset with my Konig wheels and OEM tires. Absolutely no problems. Steering and handling feel the same as stock. I DO have 3.7 fewer pounds of unsprung weight per wheel though.
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      Re: V70R and wheel offset (MAC1LSR)

      A ET35 wheel is like adding a 11 mm spacer to a Peg, I'd expect no issues there either

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