I just picked up a DP, exhaust, and filter from George at vp tuning/ viva performance. The product is high quality and fit was perfect. There was a small peice of metal sticking out where the O2 sensor screws in but that was easily knocked out with a chisel. Otherwise very nice hardware.
In terms of performance I have to echo what has already been said. The turbo spools up a lot sooner and power is improved from 2.5k and up. The improvement is significant!!! The tone is deeper but not much louder that stock. However, there is another issue that might mask the sound a bit. My evolve springs have made tire noise pretty loud in the rear. George was amazed byt the noise when i took him for a ride and I was wondering if any of you have similar problems. There is a ton of camber in the rear and George thinks i might have s60r rears. Evolve has not returned my email on this issue.
Viva will soon have RICA software and I will be back to pick that up in the spring so I can let you know what my impression of each stage will be. I would reccomend Viva to all of you. George is great to work with and he now has the number of a mechanic that does top notch work for a good price. He is in Amherst NH so any of you east coasters that need someone to do work shoudl feel free to contact me or George for his #.
I don't have time to post pics now but will add them soon. Ciao