'98 Volvo v70 wagon turns itself off while driving
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      '98 Volvo v70 wagon turns itself off while driving

      Please help. Have had this car to dealership and various shops but no relief after 14 (yes, 14!) months. It runs all day while parked but driving it guarantees it will shut down within 20 minutes.
      The mechanics working on it are baffled. Many components have been replaced, including ignition coil, y-harness, etc. New computers have been tried as well, but the problem remains. I thought it might be the throttle positioning sensor. Mechanic did get a code for this after trying new computer but replacing it did not solve the problem.

      The only hint i got before it stopped the first couple of times was a smell akin to someone attempting to light a wet dog on fire. Sorry, can't think of a better way to describe it.

      I can give more details if needed. Am at my wits end. Can't even trade in the car for a new Volvo because it doesn't run.


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      Tried to answer you on your other thread then was going to go back and edit it to tell you that you should try asking over here in this section, and now I see you already have. I mentioned a MAF sensor...has anyone replaced it trying to fix your problem?
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      Can you tell us how often this happens? Does it happen everytime you drive or is it spontaneous?
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      Re: (Big Will)


      Initially it was sporadic and i would occasionally get a very brief, slight hesitation while driving as a warning sometimes, but not always. It stalls when accelerating, when braking when turning either direction . . . in other words, whenever it pleases.

      Now it's practically guaranteed every single time it's driven, and it's gotten to the point where it no longer restarts right away. Now, after it stalls, we sometimes have to wait a day or two before it will restart.


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      Re: (MadeInJapan)

      Is that the mass air flow sensor? I just got a tip on that yesterday so my mechanic is checking that out, probably as i type this.


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      Re: (joycebstack)

      Same thing happened to me, new MAF sensor fixed the car
      Email: jrl1194(at)aol.com
      If the subject is car purchase related please use jrl1194(at)gmail.com
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      Re: (JRL)

      Thank you kindly.

      I'm hopeful for the first time since the car went into the shop. Will keep you posted . . .

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      Junior Member atefitty's Avatar
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      Re: '98 Volvo v70 wagon turns itself off while driving (joycebstack)

      fuel pumps routinely go out on v70/850models.. connect a fuel pressure test guage to the fitting on the fuel rail and see if pressure drops as car begins to die..simple........also car wont run without signal from camshaft sensor or (cps)....thats camshaft position sensor..

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      Re: '98 Volvo v70 wagon turns itself off while driving (atefitty)

      This same thing happened to me on a 92 Ford Taurus SHO. The car would just die on the highway. I'd get it towed in and it would start right up when a tech got to it. This happened for more than 6 months before the problem persisted enough for a tech to diagose the problem. It turned out to be the crankshaft position sensor.

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      Re: '98 Volvo v70 wagon turns itself off while driving (volvdog)

      Thanks. Camshaft sensor has already been replaced, as has fuel pump. Appears to be MAF. It's en route to the mechanic so we'll see . . .

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