OBD II port / plug location 2003 V70
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      OBD II port / plug location 2003 V70

      I searched the forum, and could not locate the same.

      So - where is the OBD II plug / port location?

      Also - anyone have a slight miss at start-up? I changed the plugs (Volvo special ones?, new T-belt, and Volvo air filter. Now when it is cold, it starts fine but for about 5 - 10 seconds, has a slight mis at high "choke" idle. Then settles back down to regular idle and runs great. CEL is "on" (again as always) . I plan to go to AutoZone and see if they can pull the code. I have disconnected the battery a few times and th CEL coms back "on" but not right away. Usually within 50 miles. So I doubt the miss and CEL are related but I still want to determine the two issues.


      2003 V70 N/A

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      Re: OBD II port / plug location 2003 V70 (soloracer)

      port is located under the left side of the dash.

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      Re: OBD II port / plug location 2003 V70 (VolvoMax)

      Thanks! Found it, nice little hidden cover.

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