'98-'00 Reference Parts list
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      '98-'00 Reference Parts list

      As we found out with the Dual exhaust thread, getting correct part numbers from a Volvo parts department can be difficult. I am creating this thread as our ongoing reference. Maybe I'll add pictures with each item at some pointIf you have a part number and pricing for a S70 or V70 part please post it and I will add it to this growing list. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
      Tire Sizes:
      15" Base/GLT: 195/65/15 - XC: 205/65/15 - AWD: 195/65/15
      16" - 205/55/16 ( AWD & R )
      17" - 215/45/17 -- 225/45/17 slightly rub on the inside fender liner

      Part Numbers & estimated pricing:
      1. Ohlin's Road Handling kit from Volvo for 98-00 AWD V70s:
      - 9204201-9 : front shock kit
      - 9451817-2 : rear shock kit
      For Nivomat equipped vehicle "with lowered chassis."
      Front shocks : 9204141-7
      Rear Nivomats : 8626025
      Front springs : 9481 636-0 kit (springs #3546641 marked with blue spray on a coil.)
      Rear springs : 9200184
      2. OMP strut tower bar
      3. OEM strut brace
      - 9204247
      4. 302mm brake upgrade
      - Caliper brace to adapt from 280mm(11") rotor to 302mm(11 7/8") rotor: 8602456
      - 302mm front rotor: 272276
      - front pads
      - rear pads.
      5. FWD Nivomat rear shocks - 8626028-8 - $338.48 each

      Suspension Summary (updated October 2011)
      discussion thread

      Front suspension:
      AWD - Front shock - lowered chassis: 9173850
      AWD - Front spring - lowered chassis: 3546641
      AWD - Front shock - V70R:
      AWD - Front spring - V70R:
      AWD - Front shock - XC70: 9191569
      AWD - Front spring - XC70:
      FWD - Front shock - V70 T5: 8600901 (Front spring suspension ( MARKED 39, 49, 59, F3 See product sign for marking. R2, R9, T6, F5, H2, H5, H8 H9, N1, M7, M5, Y4, Y7, M7)
      FWD - Front spring - V70 T5: 3546640
      Öhlins Front shock kit: 9204201-9
      Öhlins Front AWD Spring Kit:9204141-7

      Rear suspension:
      AWD - Rear Nivomats - lowered chassis: 8626025
      AWD - Rear Spring Kit - lowered chassis: 9200184
      AWD - Rear Nivomats - V70R: 8626027
      AWD - Rear Nivomats - V70 XC: 8626026
      FWD - Rear Nivomat - V70: 8626028
      Ohlins Rear shock kit: 9451817-2
      Öhlins Rear AWD Spring Kit: 9481769-9


      1. xxxxxxxx-x Rear V70 Spoiler: +/- $180
      2. V70 XC grille
      - 9190777-4 - 2000 V70 XC - $233 at dealer
      - 9178483 - 1998 V70 XC - +/- $193
      3. Volvo 6-disc CD Changer
      3533937 - CD Changer - +/- $180
      9452032 - Cable Kit - +/- $73
      9166801 - Mounting Kit - +/- $77
      9182729 - Cover - CD ( carpeted piece for V70 rear area, holds changer ) - +/- $171
      4. 2003 Volvo C70 headlamp lenses
      U.S. part- 9467892 - $250 approx. - requires H11 bulbs
      U.S. part- 9467893 - $250 approx.
      ECE - 9467889 - euro has a separate DRL - still uses H7 bulbs
      ECE - 9467888
      5. Dynaudio speaker kit:
      S70 Kit: 9452163
      V70 Kit: 9452164

      S70 individual Dynaudio P/Ns:
      Rear tweeters:
      Rear subs:
      Rear door mids:
      Right Front Door mid:
      Left Front Door mid:
      Dash tweeters:

      6. Parts to add Volvo Dolby Pro-Logic to 901 headunit:
      Centre speaker 9472027-3
      Cable for centre speaker 9456887-0
      Screw for speaker (2 pcs) 972081-4
      Screw for speaker 980576-3
      Nut for speaker 1331699-7
      Speaker grille 9198811-3
      Dashboard top cover 9422771-7
      Screw 976154-5
      Screw 966378-2
      Dolby Pro Logic processor 3533799-7
      Bracket for DPL processor 3533982-9
      7. S/V70 auto dimming rear mirror - 9464006 - $42.00 dealer
      8. Radio Remote Control
      Part #9459783, +/- $90 USD, covers HU-611, 613, 801, 803.
      Part #3533715, +/- $150 USD, covers SC-816, 901.
      9. Amber rear turn signal bulb - 989842-0

      10. 2000 V70R Steering wheel
      Color code: 2724 - dark graphite
      Part # 8628370
      Cost: $300 USD (approximately)

      11. 2000 V70R automatic leather shift knob - #8671185

      1. Volvo Dual Exhaust system for 98-00 AWD V70s:
      - 9470703: muffler, R - +/- $276.42
      - 8631696 : end pipe - +/- $65.99 each or 9470988 (alternate part, nearly identical)
      - 9484490: frame, left with rivets (bumper exhaust trim piece) - $9.61
      - 9169283: rim/frame, right press in, no rivets (bumper exhaust trim piece)
      - plastic rivets
      2. 100mm Stainless Steel Big Bore Exhaust Tip from IPD, IPD Part Number: DC2105- +/- $65.00 ea.
      3. K&N air filter, #xxxxxx - +/- $65?
      4. Exhaust manifold studs



      15G - B5234T 225hp/B5234T5 240hp 1994-1995, conic outlet
      15G - B5234T 225hp/B5234T5 240hp 1996, straight outlet form turbine.

      16T - B5234T4 250hp 1996 | 850R man, straight outlet from turbine
      16T - B5234T3 240hp 1997-1998 | S/V/C70 T5, straight oulet from turbine.
      16T - B5234T3 240hp 1999-2000 | S/V/C70 T5, angled outlet from turbine.
      16T - B5234T3 250hp 2001- S60/V70N T5, angled outlet from turbine.

      18T - B5234T4 250hp 1997-1998 only S/V70R man FWD/AWD, 275/60 wastegate and straight outlet form turbine.
      18T - B5234RT 250hp 1999 only V70R AWD, 4-vxl aut, 300/70 wastegate and angled outlet form turbine.

      Exhaust Manifold Related
      948645 – flange nut – QTY 10 - (exhaust manifold nuts)
      982667 – control rod – QTY 10 – (exhaust manifold studs)

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (83caddy16v)

      oh and note that the new C70 ECE clear lenses cost 310 each....with a 2 month waiting.

      i would guess the separate DRL is like the s80 using the w5w bulb in the highbeam port.

      i do notice a hole in my current headlamp system for it, just no wires

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      Here are some part #'s:

      Heat/AC blower motor-> 9171429-5 $190.00
      Heat/AC resistor-> 9166694-1 $112.00

      Power Steering Parts
      Return Hose-> 1282852-1
      O-ring-> 969093-4
      O-ring-> 969092-6
      Hose Clamp-> 978170-9

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      Volvo Accessories catalogue 850, x70

      Here in Scandinavia we have an Accessories Catalogue for the 850 and the S/V70. http://volvo.itweb.net/v70/jonny/accessories.html
      The pictures I have here are scanned from that catalogue, but they are a bit big. From 100k to about 500k. The text is a bit thin, so I had some difficulties to scan them small enought so they could fit also the modemusers. Mail me if you have tips.

      Out of date!

      The swedish Volvosite have made a PDF-format of the Accessories Catalogue

      You will also find catalogues for other Volvos here:

      Modified by V70_2.0LPT at 11:16 AM 11-28-2003

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      Re: Volvo Accessories catalogue 850, x70 (mike_c70)

      9186486-8 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. List price $ 45.00
      241664 - Thermostat
      9188997-2 - Windshield Washer Nozzle (updated design- fan spray style).
      List price $20 (set of two).
      9494389-1 Antenna mast. List price $36.70
      1275749-8 Mass Air Flow. List price $207
      8649840 Gas tank gap. List price $17

      Modified by Papa_Kirlo at 2:11 PM 3-27-2004

      06 V70R Sonicap

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      Stole this info from my Ohlins thread. Thanks to who ever posted it.

      For those who like to maximize performance, we now have an accessory road-holding kit. Co-developed
      by Ohlins, featuring adjustable shock absorbers derived from Volvo’s victorious BTCC racing cars, these
      shocks allow you to adjust the damping of your shock absorbers in order to create your own optimal
      setting (depending on driving conditions).
      The length, spring travel, and damping forces of these adjustable shock absorbers have been calibrated
      and tested on the road and track.
      The spring strut support gives your car a sporty feel. This lightweight aluminum bar mounts between the
      shock towers to increase road handling. Damper reservoirs for the front shocks are located on the spring
      strut support for easy compression adjustment to eight settings. The rear dampers, located in the cargo
      area, also provide easy access for shock adjustments.
      The Volvo performance kit is specifically calibrated to your Volvo to suit your driving style and needs.
      2002 11 05
      Accessories Bulletin
      Road Holding Kit Sport 25 2 of 3 2002-11-05

      ♦ Exclusive high quality adjustable shock absorbers, co-developed with Ohlins.
      ♦ 8 different compression settings to suit your driving needs.
      ♦ Easy access to the damper reservoir adjusters.
      ♦ A lightweight yet durable spring strut brace enhances performance and looks.

      1. It is necessary that both shock absorbers on the left and right hand side have the same setting. Detailed
      information about setting procedures can be found in the Owner’s Manual, which is included with the
      kits. When using this kit, all four standard shock absorbers must be replaced with adjustable shock
      absorbers (front and rear)!
      2. The adjustable shock absorbers must be used with the anti-roll bar kit. This roll bar is
      standard on Turbo models.
      3. X70 models, cxcluding R models, will require that the rear springs be upgraded along with the rear
      shock absorber kit.

      Part No. Description Model/Series Year
      9204176-3 Spring Strut Support S70, V70, C70, 850 95-00
      9204201-9 Front Shock Absorber Kit S70, V70, Coupe C70, 850, 95-00
      Adjustable AWD 1
      (excl. V70XC)
      9481634-5 Front Anti-Roll Bar Kit S70, V70, 850 95-00
      (excl. turbo)
      9204203-5 Rear Shock Absorber Kit S70 854, (excl. AWD) 95-00
      9204202-7 Rear Shock Absorber Kit V70, 855 95-00
      Adjustable (excl. AWD)
      9451817-2 Rear Shock Absorber Kit S70 AWD 99-00
      V70 AWD (excl. XC)
      9204567-3 Rear Shock Absorber Kit C70 98-
      Adjustable (excl. convertible)
      9481635-2 Rear Anti-Roll Bar S70, V70, 850 95-00
      (excl. Auto level system)
      9481243-5 Rear Anti-Roll Bar V70 AWD, 855 AWD 97-00
      9192816-8 Rear Anti-Roll Bar C70 1998-
      9499023-1 Front Shock Kit V70 (excl. XC) 2001-

      Accessories Bulletin
      Road Holding Kit Sport 25 3 of 3 2002-11-05

      Part No. Description Model/Series Year Install Time
      9488957-3 Rear Shock Kit 2 V70 (excl. XC) 2001-
      w/o height control
      9491845 Rear Shock Kit V70 2001-
      with height control (excl. XC)
      9481769-9 Rear Spring Kit 1 AWD 1995-2000
      9451350-4 Rear Spring Kit C70 Coupe 1998-2000
      9451349-6 Rear Spring Kit Non-R Models -2000
      (X70, 850)

      1 AWD R installation requires removal of the plastic cap at the shock/CV boot joint. The shock may
      appear to interfere with the CV boot, but this is only when the car is on the lift.
      2 Kit cannot be installed on vehicles with Auxiliary Third Seat.

      ♦ Now available for S60 and V70 models, excluding all wheel drive models
      ♦ Automatic self-leveling to maintin load capacity.
      ♦ Lower vehicle 15mm on V70 and 25mm on S60.
      ♦ 21mm anti-roll bar and sport shock absorbers recommended, if not already equipped.
      ♦ V70 kit includes lowering springs and sport shock absorbers
      ♦ S60 kit includes lowering springs.

      Part No. Description Model/Series Year
      8682000-8 Lowering Kit S60 non-turbo 2001-
      (excl. AWD)
      8671002-4 Lowering Kit S60 turbo 2001- incl. above
      (excl. AWD)
      9488957-3 Sport Shock Absorber S60 (optional, and if not 2001- incl. above
      Kit (rear) already equipped)
      9499023-1 Sport Shock Absorber S60 (optional, and if not 2001- incl. above
      Kit (front) already equipped)
      8670992-0 Lowering Kit V70 non-turbo, turbo with 2001-
      manual trans (excl. AWD)
      8682178-2 Lowering Kit V70 turbo with auto trans 2001- incl. above
      (excl. AWD)
      8622794-9 Anti-Roll Bar Kit V70 excl. AWD, S60 2001- incl. above

      Modified by gdogg16 at 4:43 PM 5-5-2004

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      2004 V70/S60R brake info:
      Qty Part No. Desc. Unit Price Ext. Price
      2 30645222 R Disks 157 314
      1 30645135 Pads 93 93
      1 8602682 Calip 280 280
      1 8608682 ? 55.01 55.01
      1 8602683 Calip 280 280
      1 8608683 ? 55.01 55.01
      2 30665458 Flex 53.60 104.20
      1 1161325 Grease 17.34 17.34

      TOTAL: $1201.56 CAN
      Also there is a 50$ core charge on top of that 280ea. for the calipers.

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

      Reseting service lights:

      850, S/C&V70 Service Light Reset Procedure for 1996-1998 Models
      Sorry folks, these models require a reset tool.

      S/C&V70 Service Light Reset Procedure for 1999 & 2000 models
      1) Turn the ignition switch to position I (off).
      2) Only the SRS indicator light is illuminated on the dash panel.
      3) This is a two handed process. While pressing the trip mileage reset button turn the ignition switch to position two. The service light will begin to flash in15 to 30 seconds, as soon as it flashes release the reset button.
      4) Turn the ignition switch off. The service lamp should now be reset.

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (bassist5217)

      ABS Control Module PN: 8622097-7 $680.46 USD(6/23/04)

      Electronic throttle body PN:8644347-0 $551.59 USD(7/16/04)
      ETM Reload PN:9438298-3 $30.00 USD
      Gasket PN:8636753-9 $2.58 USD

      Positive battery cable(+ to starter) PN:9456836-7 $69.59 USD(7/16/04)

      MAF(3" housing) PN:8670263-6 $195.79 USD(7/16/04)

      V70 Dual Exhaust System Demystified

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

      This is info for the laser blue R's only.

      PAINT CODE: PPG441
      VOLVO TOUCH UP PAINT-> 9437309

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      Bright silver pegasus repair kit
      The part number is 9437335...product number is 140784-001.
      Comes with paint and clear coat.
      Curb rash repair info.

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (ARMANDST5)

      armand - http://www.myswedishparts.com/ is their address now.

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

      http://www.huskyclub.com ask for craig, he'll take care of you.

      DIY install w/ PICS!

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

      DIY Bevel Gear oil change! Great big thanks to nlemerise for posting this!!!

      ...and thanks to Ron(Volvo Grrrr) for hosting it also..

      DIY HOOD LATCH RELEASE ADJUSTMENT Again, big thanks to nlemerise for posting this

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

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      R front bumpers, painted part numbers

      R front bumpers, painted part numbers

      9423 923 - 19
      9197 228 - 417
      9438 581 - 418
      9477 568 - 421
      9423 926 - 426
      9423 932 - 428
      9423 935 - 435
      9425 796 - 436
      9198 601 - 441
      9425 793 - 601
      3996 2520 - 445

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

      If you have a part number that you would like to add, please PM me with the info and I will add it to the thread. If you have a ? about a part listed, please search first, then start a new thread asking for the info you require. Thanks!

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      Writeup courtesy of Volvospeed.com
      Quote »
      stage zero "tuning" list and if ur car lacks performance...

      Full stage 0 list:

      filter (oil)
      hoses (the little vac lines)
      samco hose kit
      02 sensors
      fuel pumps
      clean injectors
      clean IC/IC plumbing
      Air filter
      plug wires

      Sound good but to expensive..

      Don't forget that a lot of people are on a budget. A lot of money has gone in to the car itself and Mr. Powerupgrade is knocking on the door.

      If to choose from a ECU upgrade or a Stage 0 the conclusion is obvious..
      Then after the ECU upgrade there is what we could call a Stage 1.1 which means double posts on all the known forums why the boost doesn't work, why the car is hesitating, why the rods go S( ), etc, etc..

      I think the best advice for a stage 0 is to start with a good optical inspection, this doesn't cost you a penny. While checking parts specially near hoses make sure to clean the surroundings from residues. This will also give faster indication of leaks at a later point. You know is wasn't smudgy and greasy the last time you checked..

      Clean the airfilter. You can see for yourself if dust and rubbish is in there.
      For the oil and filter, new is better of course but seldom a cause for problems. Just make a fixed shedule for this either mileage based or time based. When starting with tuning a fresh starting point is the way to go. After that keep it in a fresh state.

      For the boost part check the STOCK hoses for small cracks near the clamps and for oil softening because at these spots the hoses often show small leaks and mostly near the clamp screw.*
      Check the rubber T connection for the idle valve at the hose connected to the TB. A known spot for cracks. Just squeeze the hose and cracks will show.*
      At this point there really is no need for Samco stuff but when replacing think Samco, stock hoses can do 1.4 bar easy. (trust me). There's no Samco stuff available for the cold (Early) setup so you'll have to fabricate some stuff yourself. For the TB a connection can be welded to the IC pipe and a separate small diameter Samco hose can be used for the idle valve.
      For vacuum, all hoses inclusing the x-mas tree at the TB and the 90 degree crank vent knee at the end of the manifold.* Follow all the vacuum lines specially where they run around the engine*,
      Check the crank vent hoses at the inlet before the turbo. A very wise thing would be to check the turbine for cracks between the wastegate and the turbine wheel but this is difficult to see from the outside. Most boost problems with 15G's can be found in this area. While looking at the turbo also check the vacuum connection to the compressor housing.* Also make sure that the intake system doesn't pull false air. The turbo boost solenoid is bleeding to the intake between MAF and turbo, make sure the connection is in place. Check if all the blind plugs in the system are in place.
      Check the 150/40 wastegate actuator. Check again.. This "bike pump" is known for being weak in a stock setup. Even with a boost raising chip it is better to set it a bit more tight to make sure it isn't operating as a plasma cutter. Before ordering a stronger actuator visually check the turbine for cracks, also on the inside. An actuator will cost you half a turbo.

      Why the * ?, These spots are difficult to reach and sometimes difficult to see if there are cracks. Don't be lazy. Don't forget that you are working with pressure so the hoses will expand while under pressure. Check and double check to make 100% sure the parts are OK.

      After that check the ignition parts. If a car isn't running smooth and all the hose stuff appears to be OK then there could be something wrong in this area. Rotor and cap are wear parts. Often cut out under load is indication that something is wrong. Cables, check age. If new plugs are installed and the engine behavior is only better for a short while then cables could be a cause. Cables and distributer are overlapping each other in symptoms so sometimes it can be hard to tell where the problem really is. Often cables will function properly for a while after they have been reseated so try to work from one point to the other to rule out the parts one by one. for high mileage cars think about replacing the complete setup ANYWAY.

      The plugs.. Huge discussions lots of brands and everybody knows what is best.
      A tuned turbo Volvo will run 100% OK on stock Volvo branded plugs for turbo cars. Having a set of fresh Volvo plugs available isn't a bad thing. It will give you a nice "baseline" for comparison and troubleshooting. If all turns out to be OK the more exotic types can be used.

      So far no money has been spend. Other things like compression testing will cost a few bucks unless you have connections handy.

      Fuel filter, fluids and fluid levels etc. are tune up parts. Keep a shedule and check history of your car. Fuel pump. good enough for 350+ HP if the voltage stays within limits. With high mileage cars think agout replacing.

      Try to image the state of your car. Even if you do not want to spend the money on repairs for whatever reason always make sure that the problem is known. One problem might be the cause for other problems. With tuning the weakest links are the first to give.
      When the image is clear try to make a shedule of all parts. This way you can spread the costs preventing it to shoot at you all at once. Stick to the shedule no matter what!

      In the process of adding parts these weakest links might brake you up.

      For the lambda sensors, if the car is running bad due to age or bad maintenance new sensors will go bad in no time. A sort of chicken-egg situation here. Often sensors will burn clean after a short while when the engine is running fresh again unless the car has been running bad for a very long time.

      For ECU tuning, Either it works or it doesn't. As a rule of thumb I would say that you can rule out the ECU in 99% of the cases when using maintream tuning. The tuning only causes the weakest links to fail.

      MBC's? ...... rod killers and trouble makers IMO.

      After tuning and changes always try to check the fuel settings.

      ok, one thing to add to the stage 0 things is a new o2 sensor. i just changed my original one (front), and my car runs so much better. i can feel more power, but the biggest thing is that my acceleration characteristics are greatly improved. my accelleration had felt strong, but inconsistent through the powerband. that has drastically improved, along with the added power.

      the most important thing about these high mileage cars: stage 0!!!!

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (gdogg16)

      Switch illumination bulbs:
      17mm length (used in most switches): 9148906
      9mm length (used in rheostat, trip computer switch, SC-816 face illumination, others?): 9148908
      Both of these run about $5 each from Volvo.
      Honda part number for same 9mm unit: 35505-S84-N01 ($2 or less from Honda!)

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      V70 rear window rubber molding along base of window

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      Re: 98-00 Reference Parts list (Chris@Swedespeed)

      Euro 850R Single Mass Clutch setup: (prices from DW Volvo circa 2009)

      9454774-2 - Flywheel - $353.77
      272218-9 - Clutch Kit - $340.94
      6843481-0 - Drive shaft seals - $7.77
      9458178-2 - rear main sealing ring - $29.29
      9454743-7 - flywheel bolts - $2.89

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      2003-2004 C70 "Jewel" headlight P/Ns:

      9467892 - Headlight - Retail $332.97 - can be found online for - $214.43
      9467893 - Headlight Retail $332.97 - can be found online for - $214.43
      9467896 - Corner lens - Retail $70.06 - can be found online for - $49.55
      9467897 - Corner lens - Retail $70.06 - can be found online for - $49.55

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