Exhaust Heat Shield Rattling
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      Exhaust Heat Shield Rattling

      My car has 67k miles. When I had my shock/struts and shock/strut mounts recently replaced, I also had my Indy trouble shoot a horrible rattling that I was hearing from under the car. I thought the sound was suspension related (i.e. the shock/strut mounts) but he said the sound was coming from the exhaust heat shield(located below the gas tank) rattling around.

      The sound is a rattle that seems to be coming from the rear of the car and can be heard w/ the windows down btwn 5 and 35mph.

      So my question is, has anyone else experienced this problem??? Is the fix getting a new shield, or can I just get new mounts??? Does anyone know how much a new shield would cost?

      The sound is driving me nuts, my car sounds like a tin can...

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      Re: Exhaust Heat Shield Rattling (phewfiger)

      Your Indy told you want the problem was but didn't offer a solution?
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      Re: Exhaust Heat Shield Rattling (Kaizai)

      Quote, originally posted by Kaizai »
      Your Indy told you want the problem was but didn't offer a solution?

      That is a bit strange. If he was looking at it, why didn't he just secure it, one way or the other?
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      Re: Exhaust Heat Shield Rattling (phewfiger)

      Not sure if it helps..
      Make sure what heat shield is rattling as there are several of them. The shield that installed in excaust tunnel mounted with plastic nuts that fairly easy to replace with floor jack only.

      The heatshield between the muffler and the car's underneath is mounted with metal hardware...

      Good luck

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