Hello everybody,

Above mentioned situation was read out with VIDA at the Volvo dealer (ECM-6805 boost pressure control - faulty flow). Everything was checked (intercooler, hoses for leakage, TPS). Nothing can be found wrong. Also, another announcement came up: ECM-5340 - communication central unit.
Everytime I give it a bit too much throttle, it goes into limp-mode. After restarting, it's gone! ...and comes back again after pushing the pedal a bit too much again.
The car is tuned, about 20.000 km's ago, so I do not think this has to do something with it. It came suddenly this week.
Some other thing: just before this happened, the garage guy disconnected the injectors one by one while engine was idling. This gave a VIDA message one time (about nozzle #2), but this was reset, and did not come back anymore. The other ones did. Can this have something to do with the other error codes?
Would a software upgrade help?

Does somebody has experience with this? It drives me crazy!

Thanks in advance, guys!