Questions about the B23E engine
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      Questions about the B23E engine

      Hi everybody!
      I posted in the past about my '81 244 GL that is equipped with the (relatively) rare B23E engine

      Yesterday I was at a local Volvo meet and was discussing with one fellow Volvo amateur. We where talking about this specific engine: in my car it delivers 136hp at 5500 rpm he claims he had a GLT from around the same years with a B23E engine that delivered 140hp at 5700 rpm

      Is this true? Does anybody knows in wich years this engine was used? Or from wich chassis # to wich chassis # it was delivered on GLT's

      The idea behind this is to find such an engine for a 142s project that we have

      Thank you in advance


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      Re: Questions about the B23E engine (volvomtl)

      I think we were speaking together yesterday. I was the guy with the blue '91 240 -- parked just in front of your green 244.

      Depending on the year, transmission and rear axle ratio, there were minor variations in the power produced by the B23E. This is largely because the motors used two different types of cams -- H and K.

      I've read many explanations on which cams were used in which engines, but none have proven reliable. The only reliable way to tell is to remove the cam cover and note the part number of the cam (it is cast into the side of the cam).

      The specs for the "H" (Volvo PN 1346419-3) are:

      Lift (Intake): 12.00 mm
      Lift (Exhaust): 11.50 mm
      Duration (Intake) 272.0 degrees
      Duration (Exhaust): 268.0 degrees
      Timing: Intake Opens @ 28.0 degrees BTDC

      The specs for the "K" (Volvo PN 1336775-0) are:

      Lift (Intake): 12.00 mm
      Lift (Exhaust): 11.50 mm
      Duration (Intake) 270.0 degrees
      Duration (Exhaust): 257.0 degrees
      Timing: Intake Opens @ 22.6 degrees BTDC

      The power specs for a B23E with the H cam are slightly higher. This is not surprising given it's more aggressive specs.

      The B23E was fitted to Canadian cars between the years 1981-1984. It was an optional engine, as I have seen many GLTs during this era that had B21A and B23F engines. B23E engines were not fitted to cars marketed in the United States.

      BTW, I took the liberty to check the engine number in your VIN code with that used by Volvo. Your car was indeed fitted with engine "84", or a B23E, from the factory. This is a clue that can help you narrow down any car fitted with a B23E. The other clue is to look for mechanical fuel injection and the pulse-air emissions control equipment. Volvo also used a unique distributor with this engine. If I can find the PN, I will pass it along.

      Hope this helps. It was great to meet you at Blainville!


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      Re: Questions about the B23E engine (RearWheelPaul)

      Hello, Paul
      This is really a great coincidence

      It was the guy selling the p1800 telling me about this engine discrepancy, he wants to find a b23e with the higher power to put in its 142 project car.
      A guess all he has to do is make sure to have the H cam!

      Thank you for all the precious info

      Was a pleasure meeting you, hope to see you again at another meet!

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