2001 V70 T5 "Engine system service required"
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      2001 V70 T5 "Engine system service required"

      Engine System Service required shows up intermittantly on my V70. I have not been to the volvo dealership to check the code but tried to do it at Autozone and nothing showed up. I filled the coolant which was little lower which I thought could be the reason. Does anyone have similar problem? What are the possible causes for this light to show up?


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      Re: 2001 V70 T5 "Engine system service required" (creekbat)

      About 25 different things.
      Cannot be read unless they have a VIDA subscription (Volvo codes and sub codes)
      To the dealer you go!
      Email: jrl1194(at)aol.com
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      Re: 2001 V70 T5 "Engine system service required" (JRL)

      brake pedal position sensor.

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      cam sensor
      crank sensor
      AP sensor
      TP sensors
      CAN disturbances/no communication
      probably more, but brake pedal position sensor isn't one of them. That just causes a MIL.
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      Re: (KLowD9x)

      all of those listed sensor will cause a check engine light."Engine systems service" is a slightly different animal. Brake pedal position sensors typically trigger this message.

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      Re: (BlueFalcon)

      Unplug anything I have listen and start the engine.

      Tell me what message you see in the DIM.

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      Re: (KLowD9x)

      creekbat, I am more interested in helping you solve your problem than getting into a pissing match. If you do not want to go to the dealer and check codes do some self diagnosis. The next time your engine system service message illuminates engage your cruise control. If the cruise control does not turn on there is a very good chance that the brake pedal position sensor is bad.

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      Brake pedal position sensor

      I had the same "Engine system service required" pop up a couple of times that later went away. I also was having intermittent cruise control issues, in which i would engage, but disengage after a few miles or it wouldn't engage at all.

      One day, the message came back and didn't go away on the next couple of starts, so I dug into the problem a bit more. I did the trip-meter-reset thing to see if it went away, but it didn't, but it did show a 44 in the message are. This eventually brought my searching to some forum post where they mentioned a link between failing or intermittent cruise control and this message. The solutions"?

      1) Take the brake pedal position senor off, take it apart and clean it. Something I knew I'd mess up
      2) Get another sensor from a junkyard (I got mine out of an S80) it cost 18 usd
      3) Get one online, it goes for around 100 usd

      I choose #2, if you google for method 1, you'll see why it fails and it made sense when comparing the sound of both sensors, my old one was really scratchy, while the "new" one was a bit smoother.

      Anyway, I replaced the sensor (getting the clip that hold it in place wasn't too intuitive for a noob like me). Now, no more messages, I've driven it for about 800 miles after the repair, and the great thing is, I revived the cruise control!

      This sensor is also called diaphragm position sensor, it sticks out of the booster, on the passenger side of the housing.

      This was on my 2001 V70 T5 (P2), btw

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