This community section should be used to assist users by providing a single area for Volvo On Call & general connectivity related questions. The intended purpose is to provide technical assistance or answer questions (and clarifications) between fellow community members. By having this dedicated forum we can better consolidate related questions across threads, clarify on confusion and concern as well as provide an avenue to prevent the spread of mis-information.

In cooperation with Volvo Cars, the hope to engage a community of enthusiasts (yourselves) to get a better understanding of what is and isnít working today, ideas to consider in the future and ways to make the customer experience better.

Members of the Volvo On Call & Connectivity teams will visit from time to time to directly provide guidance and assistance when time allows. Any guidance received is provided as a best effort and by a local group of passionate team members. Any comments & posts should NOT be considered an official communication from Volvo Cars USA unless otherwise noted. Lastly, this should not be considered an official customer service channel and any specific issues should be directed towards Volvo Customer Care.

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