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  1. CanBUS details & tools
  2. OBD-II / CAN / ISO9141 technical issues
  3. GB - ODB-II PCMSCAN, any '96 and newer, PPE
  4. scan tools for Volvo
  5. VADIS - PC Connection items
  6. ScanGauge II. X-Gauge functional with a Volvo?
  7. J2534 pass through and VIDA
  8. Swedespeed CANfoolery Project; Understanding and using the VOLVO CANBUS
  9. Welcome to the new forum
  10. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management FAQ
  11. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management Links & References
  12. Threads or posts which you think belong in this forum; OBD,CANBUS & EM topics.
  13. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management Forum Suggestion Box
  14. VCT2000 officially discontinued.
  15. CANBUS communication Volvo S80 ME7
  16. A quick intro
  17. Does DiCE now support external bluetooth stacks?
  18. on a 2003 S60 2.4t.. need a good VSS? yaw rate?
  19. P0101 code on c30
  20. Crankcase pressure sensor?
  21. Yes it is possible to get a Volvo DiCE for under $500
  22. Anyone else have VIDA working in Windows 7?
  23. DevToaster - Rev - iPhone app for ODBII
  24. DICE bluetooth and windows XP.
  25. Volvo can logger?
  26. Rev2 App and KIWI WiFi OBDII link
  27. '04 V70R - is VADIS/VCT2000 a useful stand-alone diagnostic tool
  28. Vida2010b
  29. 2001 V70 T5 "Life Cycle"
  30. If you have DICE and an actual car to use it on..
  31. You guys should be watching this thread over at VOLVOXC.COM...
  32. vida 2010B
  33. Anyone hear of the Elm327 1.5a
  34. AEM MODUL (Accessories electronical module) signals.XC90
  35. autotech sync problem
  36. VIDA 2010D + DICE = Crash??
  37. Volvo dice
  38. Volvo vida 2010d not able to run it
  39. Aem Uego Install Q
  40. s70 will turn over but wont start
  41. IPD Softloader cable vs OBD2 to USB cable
  42. Anyone else using a different ECU/EMS?
  43. Post your tips here on VIDA/DICE usage
  44. Settings for Torque App for Android and ELM327
  45. reliable Vida soft
  46. Unable to install VIDA
  47. Vida/Dice install = fail
  48. Vida 2010D - no images in parts catalogue
  49. Dice Power Cable
  50. Has anyone reloaded a used module?
  51. standard to metric---VIDA?
  52. Tech catagor.
  53. VIDA DiCE Questions
  54. Vida dvd?
  55. K-Line Flashing on M4.3 & M4.4
  56. DiCE on Windows 7 Ultima?
  57. Module version mismatch
  58. what can i do with Vida.
  59. Anyone try 2011A yet?
  60. The N00b's Guide to MegaSquirting Your Whiteblock (56K go for a drive)
  61. Any recommendations on how to pick Dice seller on Alibaba?
  62. Android app. torque AF ration is that possible
  63. How to datalogg with VIDA and DiCE.
  64. T5 motor swapped into a 2.4 n/a
  65. How to make Computer detect DICE when USB cable is connected?
  66. 04 s60R srs code clearing
  67. Update China DiCE unit?
  68. xc90 need new key - getting a chinese DiCE ? WWJD...
  69. Volvo immobilizer modules list needed ...
  70. Dice Problem?
  71. How to log data with DICE/VIDA?
  72. Vida 2011c
  73. Sorry Guys Another Vida Drama, 2011a and 2010d installed but won't pull codes.
  74. VIDA 2011C VIDA All-in-one ICON does not work
  75. Can't get DICE working
  76. I need DICE driver that comes with VIDA 2010D
  77. Voltage Input for DICE Unit won't work
  78. Help I cannot get DICE unit working
  79. DRL-s off
  80. CEM Difference? VIDA info in relation to Bi-Xenon
  81. Vida 2011A Requirments
  82. DICE units from China (non-OEM) lastest builds, brief summary of three suppliers
  83. VIDA Install error
  84. Volvo Vida Dice 2011A Software Not Working
  85. volvo my10-12 compatible canbus devices
  86. Vida software downloads
  87. Dice Error Code
  88. DiCE install question
  89. Speeds of CANBUS and LINBUS?
  90. DiCE problem - diagnostic tab grayed out?
  91. Anyone try the MVCI Diagnostic units?
  92. CANBUS messages index available?
  93. Manual VIDA operation
  94. does Dice work with the old VADIS software?
  95. VIDA DiCE for other car brand OBDII reading?
  96. Found a workaround for Vida and xp home users
  97. Laptop for 2011A
  98. Where are the best DICE units?
  99. VIDA/DICE Windows XP Emulation software recomendation
  100. VIDA/DICE Windows XP Emulation software recomendation
  101. Dice Diagnostic "unhandled exception" error
  102. Volvo 2002 s80 --check engine light --po171 code---help
  103. Where are all the CANBus Engineers?
  104. Fuel door info
  105. VIDA/DICE, Disable MOST Security?
  106. Using DiCE as Generic J2534 Interface
  107. vida with dice
  108. Data Logging
  109. Best data logging software
  110. DiCE Clone SD Card
  111. Direct Dice Vida question about software
  112. Windows Cannot find '%VIDA_HOME%\VidaMonitor'
  113. Thinking of buyig vida dice but then.....
  114. 284: ECM-216D Long-term fuel trim, bank 1. Signal too low
  115. which version vida
  116. Pin# 29 voltage..need help
  117. How do I use Vida? -Fault tracing
  118. Is there a configuration of using Torgue with any bluetooth device showing canbus info?
  119. Pulling engine codes 2005 S60r
  120. Tracking down a computer issue...need some opinions
  121. Free EFI tuning training.
  122. Anyone get VIDA working on Win7 Home or XP SP2?
  123. Vehicle Diagnostic equipment
  124. Codes P0507<p1167
  125. Vida on Windows X64 Pro SP2
  126. Do you have real time logging feature available in cracked 2012B VIDA?
  127. Volvo DICE was working, now it's not
  128. what are the changes since 2010D
  129. VIDA 2012a compatibility Windows 7
  130. CAN bus through OBDII connector
  131. Obtaining Volvo TNN documents
  132. New hardware found: CP2102 USB to Uart Bridge controller [Dice]
  133. Rear View mirror accent bulbs not working-Help
  134. VIDA 2012A install, partial success, but won't talk to DICE - FIXED!
  135. Diagnostic tools for 1998 S70 GLT
  136. Cannot install VIDA on Windows 7 64
  137. DICE and VIDA problem better explained with this YouTube video
  138. Help installing vadis?
  139. where to find a copy of software for megasquirt
  140. Megasquirt questions
  141. Do I *really* need to go through dealer to order ECM software reload? I have Dice and VIDA subscription.
  142. Volvo S40 '05 DIM pinout
  143. Vida Dice 2012A displays in wrong language
  144. SRS failure but codes not stored?
  145. 2002 s60 awd manual transmissin
  146. How to properly install vida
  147. Dice not seen?
  148. Newbie: need electronic throttlebody foor my 99 C70
  150. Vida/DiCE Unofficial Installation Guide
  151. Deleting trouble codes
  152. Advice on dice install
  153. Would VIDA work on this laptop? If so, what versions?
  155. Dice Unit Won't Connect/Communicate
  156. Just ordered a mongoose cable we will see if it works with vida.
  157. vida 2012D Does work in Win7 64bit.
  158. Reseting Service indicator indicator message using VIDA
  159. Usb and Power cable for OEM DiCE unit (the real ones from SPX) - To anyone with a real DiCE
  160. "Programmed Values' is greyed out.
  161. For those using Windows 7 64 bits "VCT2000 Symbol" location
  162. VIDA Blank pop ups with every action
  163. Dice connection issue
  164. DiCE Dead?
  165. Tech2 Clone distributor faces jail time
  166. Anyone running vida/dice on win7 Homepremium?
  167. DiCE Driver Not Installing
  168. DICE ~ Diagnostics tab causing handler error
  169. Oh no! another dice thread!
  170. VIDA - Verifying Software Upload History
  171. DICE Firmware Upgrade
  172. What's the fastest OBDII adapter to use with Torque App?
  173. Soliciting for your advice before I make the ViDa/DiCE Purchase
  174. 2002 XCV70 oil leak
  175. Anyone have access to DHA GGD Diagnostic software?
  176. Vida quick question
  177. Has anybody got a subscription with there DICE?
  178. VIDA load new car software
  179. Modyfing car parameters
  180. Dice in Ft. Worth/Weatherford, Tx area
  181. Vida diagnostic tab has no sub tabs
  182. Volvo Software / VIDA
  183. VIDA, Bypass firmware check?
  184. Vida install help
  185. A New can of worms! No install disc with VIDA/DICE. HELP!
  186. Vida but no dice ?
  187. Possible Volvo ME7 logging project - does anyone know assembly/IDA?
  188. Reverse enginering of VIDA database
  189. ODB2 port -> LCD visual Tuner graphs\gauges?
  190. S80 2001 2.0T Fault code ECM-2400/CEM-3A01
  191. Diagnostic Options - please explain
  192. How to get boost from vida?
  193. DICE not connecting to VIDA2012A
  194. V70 170HP MY 2001 Petrol , misfires ONLY 1 minute after coldstart. Rootcause?
  195. boost logged by ipd softloader
  196. ECU fuel maps S60 2.3 T5
  197. Flashing Red light = Dice!
  198. Dice unit gone to the here after???
  199. Vida install issue on XP in Parallels, can't find any components in Compinfo.ini
  200. Had Vida 2012 running fine on W7 ultimate x64. But now, nothing.
  201. how to update dice firmware?
  202. Is Dice/Vida even worth it?
  203. VIDA and DiCE installation, a diary
  204. disable bulb check with DICE and turn light issue
  205. 2014B end of the road for XP
  206. link for a working dice unit
  207. VIDA 2012D / Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - DiCE not recognized
  208. Which ones do you reset in Vida after transmission fluid change?
  209. Weird reply from volvotechinfo support
  210. Does Bluetoooth work on Chinese DICE units?
  211. DiCE, VIDA, and Engine Management
  212. This is how you bypass vida ram requirement
  213. Which operating system for 201A Vida Dice?
  214. VIDA DICE 40gb memory
  215. Which diagnostics hardware/software for my 940 OBDII ? 900 1997
  216. Alternator + LIN communication
  217. Launch EasyDiag
  218. Alternator, Battery, CEM or other?
  219. CANbus program issues / Need some experienced CANbus users
  220. Reverse Engineering Volvo T5 Fuel & Ignition Map For Megasquirt V3
  221. Help newb with OBD II
  222. VIDA Help Registry
  223. Vida Misfire Counter
  224. Anyone got a DICE clone with 4 all-blue LEDs?
  225. help install VOLVO VIDA DICE 2013A
  226. How Dose "collision Warning With Full Auto-Brake And Pedestrian Detection" System Work?
  227. Using Easy ObdII W/elm327 on XC90 get pending code #C0700
  228. Need help with DICE 2012A driver
  229. VIDA DICE NOT OK ??? please help
  230. DiCE won't connect to the vehicle, but I can connect to it in the diagnostic tool on XP
  231. vida dice programming question...
  232. Dice first aid?
  233. identify conductor
  234. VIDA 2014A is out...last VIDA compatible with XP
  235. Anyone with an ALL BLUE led "fake" clone running on windows 7?
  236. vida 2011d on windows 7 pro working but problems with communication
  237. Datime Running Light @ Night?!?!
  238. VIDA 2013A Parts Diagram Pictures Missing
  239. Transmission Control Module
  240. iat sensor wire on 2006 s60
  241. Probs installing VIDA 2013A...
  242. vida 2012d installed correctly but weird issue.
  243. Shooting a VIDA community idea,
  244. VIDA: Can edit some settings, not others?
  245. Vida 2012a
  246. HELP, vida 2012b and china dice, won't find dice
  247. Wanted Laptop/Vida/DICE combo
  248. Vida computer configuration issue
  249. Urgent request for help - need printout from Vida
  250. DiCE - VIDA --> USERS<-- Guide?