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  1. But there's already a 40-series forum...
  2. Full electric xc40?
  3. Guesses for XC40 Starting Price in the US
  4. 2018 Volvo XC40 Unveiling - Videos
  5. What are the size specs for the XC40?
  6. Target group for XC40
  7. Inscription Reveal Date?
  8. Arrival date in U.S.
  9. Charcoal Leatherette is Now Charcoal Leather
  10. Price you paying for 2019 XC40 preorder?
  11. R-Design and Sports Chassis
  12. XC40 Internal Price List
  13. Error in Configurator, Nice Result?
  14. Trailer Hitch
  15. XC40 First Drive Impressions
  16. First XC40 rolls off line at Ghent
  17. Heated rear seats?
  18. Carwow's Review on Volvo XC40 D4
  19. Seat Extensions for USA?
  20. Small overlap crash test is worrying.
  21. Amazon Green Color
  22. Four C Suspension coming later...
  23. Additional Option (Build Menu)
  24. XC40 Styling Kit
  25. Jalopnik loves the new XC40 at autoshow, has built in garbage can!
  26. Foldable tow-bar option
  27. SUV/Truck or Car Suspension feel?
  28. Current Military/Expat Price sheet attached
  29. Ordered Today
  30. Care by Volvo Subscription XC40 for $600 month - Worth it?
  31. XC40 and the Chicago Auto Show
  32. Buying an XC40
  33. 1/26/2018
  34. Full price for new order?
  35. Nubuck leather in the R-Design
  36. XC40 at the Ghent Factory
  37. My XC40 order is placed!
  38. Polestar tune for t5 xc40?
  39. Windows tinted and paint protection film applied during OSD
  40. XC40 Automatic Gearbox
  41. XC40 Roof Rack
  42. Top Gear shootout.
  43. Care By Volvo (XC40) Analysis
  44. Dealer Demos have arrived!
  45. XC40 T3 6MT and Inscription trim added in Europe
  46. XC40 + Car Seats
  47. US Order/Delivery Dates
  48. Orrefors Crystal gear lever
  49. XC40 Styling Kit now available. Price?
  50. Remote Start?
  51. Lease End Options- New care by volvo subscription
  52. UK Dealer discounts
  53. XC40 wins 2018 European Car of the Year
  54. Volvo XC40, a compact SUV, wins Car of Year award in Geneva
  55. Lava Carpets, Red or Orange?
  56. No front park assist on early orders
  57. XC40 MPG - 31 combined?
  58. Preliminary U.S. XC40 fuel economy figures
  59. XC40 Lease Offers on VC USA website
  60. Any guess on XC40 T8 build date for US Market or OSD?
  61. Owner's manual now available (including specs like tow capacity)
  62. XC40 vs. four other small SUVs in Autocar UK comparison
  63. When will NCAP and IIHS ratings come out?
  64. If Pilot Assist uses cameras, why no 360 camera sans-Advanced package?
  65. XC40 mirrors
  66. New finance offer on XC40
  67. XC40 Not purchased yet / questions
  68. White XC40 R-Design with Lava
  69. Tomb raider and xc40
  70. White XC40 R-Design with Lara
  71. XC40 vs XC60 vs 2019 S60?
  72. Does Pilot Assist (ACC) Improve/Enhance City Safety Auto Braking?
  73. XC40 First Look Notes
  74. Delivery Date for CBV
  75. Auto Buying Program when ordering xc40
  76. Swedish Flags on XC40s
  77. CbV Insurance and Credit
  78. The most detailed car walk through to date
  79. XC40 digital dash change?
  80. Ordering XC40
  81. Care by Volvo app now available - iOS only
  82. Order officially placed
  83. Videos of XC40 production line at Ghent
  84. Floor Mats for the XC40
  85. Seat comfort on xc40
  86. Momentum or R-design
  87. XC40 and Samsung Galaxy S7????
  88. 20” SPA XC60 rims on an XC40?
  89. FiiO x1 II
  90. XC40s have made it to California - finally
  91. XC40 subscriptions already reached prediction
  92. Interior high level illumination
  93. no HUD and Air Suspension options for XC40?
  94. CBV delivery timeline
  95. Halogen rear turn signal... really?
  96. XC40 with carseats
  97. Crystal Shift knob
  98. swedespeed's latest project: 2019 XC40 R-Design
  99. First roadtrip
  100. Confused about Autonomous Driving Features
  101. Hands-Free PHV Charging for XC40. Real? Or Fake News
  102. Has anyone seen an Amazon Blue in person?
  103. Exterior Styling Kit available
  104. Bicycle holder for towbar, 2 bikes
  105. Is the T8 xc40 coming to USA bvefore the end of 2018?
  106. WiFi broken, worked two days ago
  107. XC40 Weight...which is it?
  108. 4c chassis became available for UK market
  109. Do dealers try to hit certain price points?
  110. Care By Volvo- Alternative Car
  111. Special paint or scam to sell Zurich Protection?
  112. 14.2 Gal Gas Tank Capacity
  113. Panoramic Roof
  114. 18" wheels vs 19" or larger
  115. Harman Kardon Premium System
  116. XC40 chip tune
  117. Osmium Gray w/ Oxide Red or Black w/ Oxide Red
  118. added MUDFLAPS and WHEEL LOCKS
  119. So no heated rear seats? (US)
  120. LED Brake Light / Turn Signal Upgrade
  121. Care by Volvo - insurance coverage and questions
  122. XC40 Hard Disk
  123. Right vehicle for beginning family?
  124. Nubuck Leather
  125. Care by Volvo - delivery time
  126. Guess when Care by Volvo approval will be sent out
  127. Another Snow test review
  128. Care by Volvo questions..
  129. Power Backrests & Headrests
  130. Steering wheel feel?
  131. CBV - R-design surprise :(
  132. Radar Detector Mount
  133. Moose Test: XC40 vs. BMW X2
  134. Delivery delayed, claim to be stuck in custom
  135. Extended Car and Driver Review
  136. Can't decide on interior color
  137. Exterior color?
  138. same money, half the car
  139. Ambient/Mood Lighting
  140. Weathertech
  141. How long does it actually take?
  142. The Volvo Experience - Delivery
  143. Downloads function
  144. Volvo XC40 Cargo Dimensions
  145. LED Headlight Performance
  146. Tinted windows?
  147. XC40 witness thread
  148. XC40 PHEV Reveal - Beijing Auto Show
  149. Momentum suspension vs R Design suspension
  150. Navigation Question
  151. XC40 production clip
  152. What did you do with your XC40 today ?
  153. ACC + Pilot Assist Upgrade
  154. XC40 1:18 Models from China
  155. Concept XC Coupe
  156. Care By Volvo vs OSD + selling after 2 years ?
  157. Dealer Discounts?
  158. Struggling to use foot wave activated trunk opening
  159. Beautiful Black R-Design
  160. It's happening...just found out my OSD date.
  161. Care by Volvo Comparison
  162. Audio System: XC40 vs XC60?
  163. Cheap looking key. Looking to replace cover
  164. Over The Air (OTA) Updates
  165. Frustration with Options and Packages
  166. What is FOUR-C Active Chassis?
  167. Driver Center Screen Information
  168. Volvo On Call APP and Car Temperature
  169. XC40 Polestar optimization is coming!
  170. Picked up new XC40-R - problem with the trim
  171. Volvo and Android
  172. 90% of time getting "Vehicle key not found. Removed from Vehicle"
  173. Traditional Lease vs Care By Volvo
  174. Is the Inscription trim line coming to CbV?
  175. Audio and Equalizer Settings
  176. Part number for wheel locks?
  177. Another comparison, expected results
  178. XC40 ONLY permanent START/STOP disable officially here from Volvo's latest update.
  179. Fog lights/headlights...Volvo, please change!!!
  180. European delivery for XC-40?
  181. Care by Volvo: State of the Union
  182. Opening doors from the outside - double pull required ?
  183. Internet SIM - Live Traffic and other Sensus apps
  184. Features you gotta love!
  185. Real differences between RD and Inscription?
  186. New order delays?!
  187. XC40 19" 20" and 21" Wheels Specs?
  188. Audio Music Files in the XC40
  189. CBV Eligibility
  190. Negotiating price of XC40
  191. Anyone buy the Service or Maintenance plan?
  192. RD suede seats vs. Inscription full leather seats
  193. Crowdsourcing timelines for CBV
  194. Weather tech floor liners available to purchase
  195. Who’s participated in the OSD service before?
  196. Volvo front license plate mount?
  197. Can't find fuse box inside my XC40
  198. Just picked the Inscription today
  199. Will there be a CbV Option for T4?
  200. Dealer Activation of Options
  201. Picked up new R Design[emoji41]
  202. Care by Volvo Tax
  203. XC40 T6 or T8?
  204. Door Rattle on XC40
  205. XC40 T5 R-Design First Edition
  206. driver seat slippage
  207. Glove box cooling
  208. Can't wait to get this when my son orders his XC40
  209. Window Tint Percentage
  210. Faster computer?
  211. Full Android in XC40
  212. Highway MPG
  213. IIHS Testing?
  214. Where did the Momentum Go?
  215. Volvo Manual APP for Android
  216. Accessory Dog Harness
  217. Air Conditioning Problem
  218. AT&T My Vehicle trial
  219. AT&T Sensus Connect trial
  220. Drife shaft issues
  221. Per Jalopnik Care-By-Volvo paperwork delay is now fixed in all states but NY
  222. Harmon Kardon Speaker Rattle
  223. In-channel Window Deflectors
  224. Harman Kardon Speaker Rattle
  225. XC40 Momentum + 19" ERST wheels
  226. Throttle stopped working on my XC40
  227. Too early to think about winter tires?
  228. Volvo Reliability?
  229. Air suspension or FOUR-C active chassis
  230. Wall Street Journal Review of XC40
  231. Lease Terms
  232. What went wrong with your XC40 today?
  233. T4? already in dealers
  234. Getting a Loaner while waiting
  235. Red Key now acting like a normal key
  236. Trunk Liner
  237. Next Shipments of XC40 R-Design
  238. Temp loaner car or rental car?
  239. XC40 Screen Protector for Sensus
  240. Headlight protection film
  241. XC40 Polestar Optimization for US
  242. Water Bottle Question
  243. Automatic Speed Limiter
  244. TuneIn not available?
  245. Headlight washers
  246. Pilot Assist 2.5
  247. Steering Wheel Sticky Residue
  248. Did your XC40 come with a Sensus screen protector?
  249. Care by Volvo XC40 Price Increase
  250. I took delivery of my CBV XC40