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  1. SCT S40 2.4i ECU Upgrade!!!
  2. Valentines day blues (got hit)
  3. Mazda 3 MPS = S40R?
  4. Sunroof wind deflector
  5. The Suspension Kit Thread
  6. 24 inches of snow!
  7. Engine rev when starting
  8. EuroSport Tuning Exhausts on sale (crazy like!)
  9. Rattle from rearview mirror area
  10. strut bar
  11. Hubcentric ring, final answer?
  12. Long-term report on the S40- how is yours doing?
  13. GT vs. 6 Speed MPG
  14. HID's pointed to low after being lowered
  15. TEIN Suspesion is looking for R&D Test Vehicles
  16. Final Pegasus Fitment Post
  17. Stage 3 kit with 285hp from SCT Tuning
  18. AWD vs FWD final drive ratios
  19. Check Your High Brake Light
  20. Easy <$1 super subtle mod
  21. Which 3-piece Wheel??
  22. OK who can get me a stock turbo to play with for cheap.
  23. 15,000 mile service = CRAP!!!
  24. Any published ratings for weight front/rear?
  25. Belgium assembly plant S40 & V50, tours available?
  26. finally... MY service woes...
  27. Question on the Shark Fin Antenna
  28. Is this the VADIS you are using?
  29. V50 rear wiper arm
  30. How to get gum off leather
  31. Loud sound,vibration when key inserted
  32. South Florida Meet Photos
  33. help
  34. shuddering-possible cause tranny fluid contamination
  35. Oil? Who needs it....
  36. clutch, will a R clutch fit?
  37. And the 15,000 mile service saga continues..........................
  38. riley racing - ready in time for sebring?
  39. Parking Brake Handle removal/diagram
  40. Garmin Streetpilot 2610 review
  41. New Civic SI made me look bad
  42. The best LEDs
  43. S40 on superstreet!
  44. Wheel adapters
  45. Removing front bumper with headlight washers!
  46. lowering my t5 this weekend.
  47. Could this be right!?!?!
  48. New TSBs from 2/1/2006
  49. PRE-ORDER Riley Racing Team T-shirts
  50. total
  51. Megane Sport
  52. damn fast volvo!!!!! :-)
  53. I was just checking out the performance of a FSI just incase I get into a fight
  54. What a waste :(
  55. Drive on Las Vegas Speedway, 4/28-29
  57. Replacing roof rail(s) on V50
  58. Grey S40 2.4 on 5N and 55?
  59. 2006 Laminated Glass S40?
  60. Annoying whistling noise after car repair...
  61. euro sport t5 race pipe
  62. Which lights do what? S40/V50
  63. Tire Pressure
  64. Odin!
  65. BSR stage 2 for S40/V50 ???
  66. MMMMMM BBK...
  67. Stage II vs III - Worth the Cost?
  68. D5 only automatic?
  69. Any good deals on OEM carpet floor mats around?
  70. Premium Sound-"Disc Text"
  71. Thinking about S40 2.4i for my mom
  72. fwd & 6spd discussion
  73. DSTC VS STC ???
  74. Amber plastic piece in the headlight
  75. MBC
  76. V50 roof rack
  77. S40T5-FocusST...Meet Mazda 3 MPS
  78. Winter Washes
  79. Anyone from here bought these wheels off ebay?
  80. Review: Volvo IPod FM Transmitter
  81. Takspeed All-Aluminum Sale Now On
  82. Dyno in SoCal?
  83. AWD concerns with new wheels/tires?
  84. Maybe Volvo Heard Us!
  85. European Plate
  86. Help finding Custom Headlight Brow Post?
  87. Another Oil Grade Question!
  88. New S40 T5 AWD owner
  90. HELP!!!! need windshield wipers...
  91. Eurosports ppc doesn't remove speed limiter.
  92. opinion on what a current owner would order please....
  93. Possibly changing cars... your thoughts...
  94. Ferrita cat-back just installed! pics inside.
  95. Has anyone here converted their fogs to HID?
  96. Headlight
  97. Heico grill and wheels! yeehaw (pic)
  98. My car FREAKED out
  99. manual transmission woes
  100. Momo shift knob & Volvo boot
  101. Recomend best all weather floor mats
  102. S40 Wheel-Lock?
  103. What to look for on a 2.4 at 12000 miles
  104. autolumination led woes...
  105. Adding roof rails to V50
  106. Seeking Advice - Interior carpet removal
  107. Boost guage install location (tap)
  108. Warped Rotors
  109. My remote set off MY alarm...
  110. Some advice please..
  111. AC compressor noise?
  112. Affordable Grille
  113. Biggest tire / wheel / offset combo ??
  114. T5 6-speed revving?
  115. No fluid from headlight washer...anyone has this problem before
  116. Shipped on the Figaro
  117. its been a while. a few questions.
  118. Flushed ATF fluid
  119. evolve kit
  120. s40 turbocharger
  121. The S-urest S-ign of S-pring
  122. New owner here, so a quick hello....
  123. A scathing V50 review in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  124. V50 2.0D 24,000 mile Service
  125. Almost got beaten
  126. The new C70 18" Wheel option
  127. s40's ride
  128. BSR PPC V.2
  129. FM Modulator <---Installed!
  130. Picked my car up this morning!
  131. Rear-ended at a stop light...
  132. enlarge CB on s40 wheels
  133. prancing moose
  134. What package do I have?
  135. Thinking about getting a Volvo (S40)
  136. Great Buying Experience awesome salesman
  137. Rear wiper squirter just kind of "belches" fluid... and yours?
  138. Stereo and GPS squirrelly in cold weather?
  139. V50: Feeble seat heaters...
  140. Projector / Xenon install question - e39 OEM HID (01' 525i bmw) fitament?
  141. 17" Scotia Wheel Weight??
  142. performance parts
  143. bbs wheels
  144. Stillman Semi-Annual VIP Extended Warranty Offer!
  145. Pics of the new V50!
  146. Front Tower Brace instalation???
  147. Ronal 17-18" wheel sale
  148. Few more queries!
  149. Any V50's with Evolvebumper?
  150. "Follow me home-lights" stoped working tonight.
  151. Strut bar
  152. car wash and light pics
  153. My Turn!
  154. Weird..
  155. A non-scathing V50 review! (AAA/Parents Magazine)
  156. New V50 spoiler
  157. Foggy windows?
  158. So where is Prodriver?
  159. Need Audio wiring diagram help
  160. Vibration in the brakes
  161. 2007 S40, when to order?
  162. Hawk Performance Brake Pads
  163. was set on a v50 awd, then
  164. Anyone recently install your own subwoofer?
  165. Directed Electronics MOST Interface
  166. i found a scratch on my car today
  167. Exhaust sound clip thread
  168. Anybody seen this kit for V50?
  169. OK, looks like the engine and trans gota come out in one piece
  170. Sport steering Wheel for V50
  171. Fog lights
  172. Moose Magnet to Moose Sticker upgrade.
  173. Quandry! Will I regret FWD only??
  174. New owner...again :>
  175. Replace Battery Warning Light...
  176. s40 made in China?
  177. SSS Beta Fix
  178. New Owner
  179. volvo subwoofer option
  180. tire noise
  181. Tinting/Smoking the taillights
  182. What happened with the SpeedWorld Challenge S40?
  183. Velour Dashmat
  184. S40 Roof Rack Pics?
  185. lowering springs questions
  186. My car ate a CD... Again
  187. GTO , good replacement for V50?
  188. Catastropic Failure?
  189. boston volvo village semi-annual parts dept garage sale
  190. Your opinions on wheels
  191. where is the moose?
  192. What is a "control cylinder"?
  193. HVAC problems
  194. S40 T5 weight
  195. S40/V50 BMC Replacement Air Filter Special
  196. anyone seen the new Evolve bodykit for the S40?
  197. New Rims... you like???
  198. OMG! They are making S40s in China!!!! OMG!!!
  199. Service, ECC and computer reset
  200. Future VW Ipod integration and "Gypsy" Technology
  201. S40 after 9 months..
  202. well it was fun
  203. Seeking comments on V50 T5 AWD
  204. Seen these wheels?
  205. looking to buy one of these three cars, and your thoughts would be welcome!
  206. Ms Design Body Kit
  207. Where to get the best deal on Heico Volution X's
  208. Having trouble with BSR ppc
  209. My first poll...
  210. sighting in OAKLANDca
  211. Reprograming Haldex as well as ECU?
  212. Possibly going to purchase a S40 T5. Have a few questions.
  213. Window Tinting
  214. Whats the best way to wash our cars?
  215. Does anyone have the Evolve Powerchip?
  216. DRL shut off
  217. Eurotuner does stock vs mod S40 comparo
  218. is there a code reader for cheap that works with my S40?
  219. 0-60 question
  220. Best way to clean interior 'A' Pillar?
  221. So sad to see the S40 go...but soo excited!
  222. Turbo upgrade?!?!?
  223. S40 T5 FWD or AWD which in your opinion is better for tuning?
  224. Any else rim look like the heico one?
  225. Maintenance costs?
  226. Spring...finally - some pics
  227. Down and Up pipes
  228. Am I mad???
  229. Tire size
  230. Pirelli P7 Tyre Life
  231. V50 dogproofing?
  232. Red Bank Volvo is offering VIP contracts at reduced rates.
  233. How to remove Black Plastic Trim?
  234. HEICO SPORTIV HS4 ODIN in AutoWeek
  235. Squeaking clutch pedal?
  236. How to swap out small driving lights in HI Beam housing area
  237. The end is near
  238. Interior colo(u)r?
  239. radar detector
  240. H&R coilovers
  241. lowering springs
  242. Manual Transmission Fluid
  243. Clear Coat
  244. ECU Pin Out Diagram?
  245. offset
  246. What size nuts do we have?
  247. Calling all available 17x8 wheels!
  248. Washer Fluid
  249. New to the crowd, got a few questions
  250. Anyone know this person