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  1. s40 sighting, flat grey one with shock towers raised
  2. Food For Thought Dynamic Trim kit Awareness.
  3. Will Intercooler 550x140x65 fit my S40n ?
  4. nme95k hit me buddy wants to do his wheels
  5. engine oil leak :(
  6. Any recall?
  7. I think they turned out ok....
  8. Silicone Degreaser
  9. FYI: EST Downpipe
  10. pics arfer lowering
  11. horn relocation and yet another wheel question...
  12. What in the hell are HIDs?
  13. Volvo Badge Help
  14. How to put pictures on?
  15. Lets see some stickers!
  16. '08 s40 grill question (The dubstop grill I ordered doesn't fit)
  17. Tail lights
  18. Help a brotha out...
  19. What kinda exhaust tips?
  20. I love my car.
  21. Do our cars have a TCM?
  22. Car
  23. Arm rest change out?
  24. BSR OBD on my V50 T5 - experiences.
  25. E-Brake Question!! MANDATORY RESPONSE NEEDED!!!
  26. Side skirts
  27. Doing my daily search...
  28. I think ive settled on a set
  29. Random Stalling
  30. whats a good price?
  31. Win - 1. Fail - 0.
  32. Hissing sound from aircon HELP....New Member
  33. Service soon?
  34. Looking for OEM S40/V50 Rims
  35. Anyone have pics of tinted tails (night shades) on a passion red V50? Even an S40 would be
  36. What is the inlet size on the rusty EVOLVE tips? Want to replace them...
  37. Sick! One final post before I leave work!
  38. Help me decide! v. Grill
  39. Lowering next weekend - a few questions:
  40. S40 Evolve slotted Rotor
  41. Side-view mirror safety light problem
  42. Headliner, A Pillar, and C (D?) pillar removal
  43. Took the car to the track...
  44. OBDII Code Reader Recommendations
  45. Wheel Spacer On Oem Wheels..?
  46. Wheel Spacer On Oem Wheels..?
  47. Who would be interested in a CF hood for our cars? Poll to gauge interest...
  48. Lowering springs/alignment?
  49. One more poll, sorry guys
  50. Cooling Fan Went Bad
  51. Radio disappeared
  52. S***!!!
  53. A/C Charge
  54. Too gangster?? (tips)
  55. My car
  56. 35W or 55W HIDs
  57. JT 3" downpipe and exhaust
  58. Looking for a reputable installer in the N. Seattle area...
  59. Radio Freeze - Anyone Gotten it fixed, I mean really fixed?
  60. Intercooler Piping
  61. HELP! 08 s40 wiring info needed for CD player
  62. Sport steering wheel... some questions...
  63. Fun night
  64. Old vs. New
  65. Muffler size/ questions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. '09 s40 rear "V O L V O" badge size question?
  67. introducing Hans,
  68. Chrome mirror caps for 05???
  69. has anyone concidered this???
  70. My ECU on the fritz
  71. Busted center cap
  72. New brakes installed...noisy
  73. Chop Request (Grill)
  74. Anyone know revised Cd for V50 w/rear spoiler, other parts?
  75. Performance Springs
  76. Just ordered HID's from SharpHID..
  77. How much for my T5 6-speed?
  78. Two tone body kit
  79. new toy
  80. Cheap wheels, what do you think, hidden gem?
  81. Question regarding downpipe install?
  82. issue 1
  83. issue 2
  84. Have any of you V50 owners installed the rear spoiler yourself? I just got mine and have a ??
  85. Wheels for 2008 S40.......
  86. 30,000km / 18,000 mile Service help
  87. Wheels
  88. New here!
  89. Fantastic Loaner
  90. Stuck in steering wheel lock mode!
  91. TCV install help.
  92. The Volvo is DEAD
  93. Exhaust drop in
  94. Rattling from B pillar and steering wheel - Need help to fix
  95. Air filter choices
  96. Speakers
  97. I am so gonna get in trouble for this :P
  98. Evolve turbo intake
  99. Anyone interested in Evolve blue lowering springs?
  100. HID HELP
  101. RICA Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, + Handling Package
  102. 05 S40 dosent stay started. Help
  103. My new Volvo
  104. Conti's are dead....what next?
  105. 2010 V50 info
  106. Volvo shift knob
  107. Looking for a 2006 Volvo Grill Slash
  108. MY new toy
  109. rear camber arms, viva or est?
  110. Need to find lower grille
  111. strange
  112. yay nor nay
  113. V50 OEM spoiler installation with step by step info and pics...(lots of pics!)
  114. Work in progress...
  115. 2.4i Exhaust muffler question.
  116. Rear wheels stuck
  117. Finally...
  118. I know this is on here somewhere but I can't find it: removing center console and door trim.
  119. Which Exhaust tips to get?
  120. true story. w0rd.
  121. Moved my Sirius radio
  122. Chip. Best bang for Buck
  123. sad sad day....
  124. Does adding the rear ipd sway bar require any adjustments to alignment? Will it have any effect on
  125. APB: NME95K is MIA
  126. Are upgraded cams for T5s available?
  127. Keyless entry and ignition
  128. where are our wheels made? let's start a list.
  129. FS
  130. Custom exhaust question/ catalytic conv
  131. My car does impressions
  132. Wheel bearings
  133. Just Before Summer
  134. Body Kit Install
  135. New pics of my S40
  136. 2010 S40 info
  137. DP install
  138. steering wheel - howto? DIY? or not....?!
  139. Quick Q about specific wheel fitment, any help appreciated. $ riding on this decision...
  140. Moved passenger seat all the way forward, had airbag warning since...
  141. 2008 S40 fwd seems to shimmy.....
  142. Building my roommie's S70 engine. Read ahead if bored.
  143. Rice?
  144. Very Nice exhaust tips!
  145. rattle from gearstick area
  146. Rear Speed Sensor install
  147. Power Steering TSB for 2005 S40?
  148. OMG ..Chrome wheels on our cars? (what was this guy thinking?)
  149. Another option for ADJUSTABLE control arm...
  150. Help! Blown Strut
  151. Toyota copied Volvo...
  152. Power window acting funny...
  153. Fixed the dent in my my garage...with a rubber mallet...
  154. Down Pipe installed!!!
  155. Cali guys... Have we finnaly found a legal high flow cat???
  156. Car of the month
  157. Radio Help!
  158. Poll on my new custom hood vent plans, input desired. :)
  159. How do you guys ship your wheels? Cheapest way??
  160. How do you hook up the battery harness for the sharp HID kit?
  161. S40 wheel choices! Please vote
  162. So, who among you are electrical geniuses or volvo techs? Come forth...
  163. Classic V50 Review
  164. So I'm experiencing the beginning of the dreaded start shudder stall issue....
  165. adjusting headlights
  166. Overseas guys can you help me with a part number!!! Fog light covers
  167. Ebay rotors .....?
  168. Another Wheel Shipping Question....
  169. Power Folding mirrors?
  170. Have Dubstop grilles vanished?
  171. 2010 S40/V50
  172. Is there really any purpose/use for our door lock pins?
  173. RIMS
  174. I won at the casino, need help what to buy for my car
  175. Shocks... Pegs...
  176. Led light mod (interior)
  177. Safely removing ECU from airbox.
  178. Newbie; Roco's v50
  179. S40 MY09 USB port?
  180. Farewell! Adios!
  181. kw variante2
  182. Boring / Porting
  183. TH2 Wheels on S40? Madness or achievable?
  184. crappy cell phone pics...
  185. 2.0D engine oil
  186. European Headlight Switch w/ manual Headlight Adjustment
  187. Who has this button?
  188. Interesting find...
  189. Deck Error
  190. Well Hope We End Up with More Performance Parts
  191. First summer photo shoot...
  192. Random reduced engine performance
  193. Hey guys! Do you have this problem with your rear view mirror?
  194. So I go to leave this morning...
  195. Autocross anyone?
  196. Would you consider buying a new V50/S40 now?
  197. Service Engine Light
  198. High pitched squealing
  199. Anyone resolve HID problem
  200. First photos!
  201. Please help!!!! Paint all over the cars plastic trim
  202. Black frame around high quality pictures.
  203. Hard into 1st and reverse !
  204. Rotor question
  205. Anyone had experience with SpeedTuningUSA?
  206. K+N Typhoon improvement necessary???
  207. Toronto area members?
  208. Silver turn signal bulbs
  209. Oh for the love...
  210. What the heck am I doing wrong? (HIDs:)
  211. installed new est strut brace
  212. boost gauge for c30/s40
  213. Think these would fit an S40/V50 AWD?
  214. basicly what am i going to do
  215. v50 has some new rims
  216. PPC stopped after 0:2:11 ( two minutes an 11 seconds )
  217. Increased Cabin Noise
  218. Manual Creaking noise from front ?
  219. I have the "Blues" and I need wheels now....
  220. Aftermarket In-Dash GPS for 2008 Volvo S40
  221. Possible to buy an extra T5 engine?
  222. Volvo Lowering Springs
  223. Fuel gauge not reading accurately
  224. air snorkel removal
  225. The shimmy is driving me crazy!
  226. Heico Volution X Pictures please...
  227. May Mt. Lemmon run
  228. A few Alsfeld pics (biggest Volvo show in Germany)
  229. tourqe steer
  230. Oil for my 2004.5 S40 T5 6spd manual
  231. Teaser and Eyebrow Idea
  232. Pic Request - S40 Safari Green Sport
  233. P0172 CEngine light, (too rich), 2005 Volvo S40
  234. 300mm? 320mm? How exactly can I tell?
  235. Got my DRL flash today...
  236. Figure I would throw this out for you manual guys out there
  237. Anyone have experience with Hankook tires? Ventus V4 ES in particular?
  238. How bad is the "limited footwell" issue (particularly w/ a manual)
  239. Sighting: Silver pre facelift S40 in Torrance, CA
  240. FYI: Black mesh grilles available on ebay...not sure of quality, but might be worth a look!
  241. Hat Deck Removal
  242. Just a few pictures.
  243. Change out Evolve tune for BSR?
  244. question about brake pad install
  245. Relocate Battery?
  246. Horsepower Question
  247. T5 P1's in numbers today
  248. Windshield scratch, any ideas?
  249. Morenci, AZ 2009 Drive
  250. Lowering question