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  1. 2008 V50 T5 rescue & repair
  2. "Upstream" O2 sensor wiring help needed
  3. Wet carpet
  4. Deadlocked car with no working key - observations and unexpected outcome...
  5. Cheap seat covers?
  6. Fuse 33 keeps blowing? Why??
  7. Looking at a '07 S40 T5 AWD auto, 116K, timing belt NOT replaced. Advice?
  8. Alarm Sounds at Random Fix - Alarm Battery Replacement
  9. Which Engine Mounts for Swap?
  10. Front seat upgrade?
  11. Hot air on constant
  12. Key Fob discovery
  13. SRS Service Urgent - Passenger Occupancy Sensor - SRS-1012,1013
  14. Procedure for locking VVT cams?
  15. Exhaust Leak
  16. where does the curvy aluminum coolant pipe go?
  17. LED out on my tachometer
  18. My Bluetooth Solution
  19. '11 S40 T5 skid plate screws
  20. Question on sucking sound after filling tank
  21. Can bus error eliminator
  22. Air Intake Questions for '07 V50 T5
  23. Rear Shocks and Mounts Question
  24. Fuel System Issue P0089
  25. Stereo question
  26. T5 OTE pipe, snapped mount, any issues?
  27. MOST25 GROM Connector
  28. Coolant reservoir part
  29. Horn Failure, Not so simple, C30 but same P1 Platform
  30. my odyssey- 2006 S40 clutch?
  31. Goodbye S40
  32. What is this hose/part leaking coolant?
  33. 235/45/17s on a P1?
  34. Time to part ways with my V50
  35. Weird intake sound
  36. 2005 volvo s40t5 awd 6 speed need some councelling no start, no compression
  37. Not starting - no cranking
  38. Anyone Need Hardware - Scrapyard run
  39. (Bought) 2007 V50 T5 AWD (auto) 222k Miles w/ Extensive Records - Any thoughts?
  40. S40 Awd T5 2006 heater hose leak?
  41. Checking back in, gosh it's been awhile.
  42. Ceika Coils on a V50 AWD
  43. Wobbly steering wheel while braking, lower control arms or other suspension worn? Got a L.A. mechanic recommend for the work?
  44. C30 s40 front swap
  45. Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Write-Up
  46. Downpipe bolts
  47. Wastegate actuator removal
  48. Help with which DICE to buy?
  49. Oil burning smell in cabin when starting
  50. High Perfomance Audio or Performance Audio?
  51. Updated tune octane recommendation
  52. Did my sunroof drains, any adverse side effects to expect?
  53. Black Box . .
  54. Oil change
  55. Dynaudio Main Door Speakers Not Working
  56. Clutch noise/feedback when decelerating
  57. V50 Sunroof Won't Open
  58. Braided hose failure
  59. EuroSport Tuning Exhaust SALE!!!
  60. 2005 S40 Blown Head Gasket
  61. P1 V50 T5 (AWD) Broken Studs on Turbo -> Cat Converter
  62. Possible vac leak.. and other noises.
  63. Turbo upgrade to k24?
  64. White smoke out the exhaust 05 S40 T5
  65. Front fender rust; reformer+undercoat or fabricatoin
  66. No sunroof but water leak
  67. V50 Water Leak Prevention/Sources
  68. radio with no sound in a 2004.5 S40
  69. New V50 2, the kid is learning!
  70. 320mm brakes help, brakes are squishy.
  71. V50 rear sunroof drain water leak.
  72. Vacuum pump makes noise everytime brakes are pressed
  73. Repositioning the infodisplay V50 T5 -05
  74. Left rear speaker is out
  75. Crappy wiring in headlights
  76. 2007 S40 - Rear right wheel is inclined inwards
  77. Misfire on new coil pack?
  78. Eibach springs installation questions
  79. Intro to Volvomania - S40 T5 R Design
  80. What is this goop on my driver side control arm?
  81. Bad luck with a Curb...
  82. Brief electrical outage
  83. V50 ignition problem
  84. Timing Belt Age?
  85. 05 S40 T5 AWD Lift and haldex
  86. Volvo s40 fuel pump interchangeability
  87. AC Goes Out - Check Engine Light - Mayhem Ensues - 2006 S40 T5
  88. Fuel Pump or PEM
  89. Broken Exhaust Flex Pipe Advice
  90. Passanger Airbag Sensor issues
  91. ECM-1320 - IAT Sensor Inlet Faulty Signal
  92. Junk Yard Find
  93. Codes and more Codes oh my!
  94. Portland OR cList elevate partout
  95. car runs rough, check engine light
  96. 2.4i S40 - Grinding sound from 2nd to 3rd gear
  97. 2008 V50 A/C twilight zone, gets really humid and smelly when it's turned OFF
  98. Swapping a new T5 in my ‘07 S40! Wiring harness trouble...
  99. Any used skid plates F/S?
  100. Front Tire Chipping
  101. 06 V50 Temp Rising with AC Use
  102. Clicking sound from rear brakes
  103. S40 oem skid plate part number
  104. Wheel nuts
  105. Emissions testing in CO
  106. AWD Xenon headlight leveling sensors
  107. Sub Mounting
  108. Carseats 3 across V50
  109. Improve ride "softness" and comfort, where to start - 07 S40 FWD?
  110. Anyone experience whine at lower revs?
  111. Vibration when braking and accelerating
  112. 2007 S40 - "The Ratmobile"
  113. Adjustable rear control arms
  114. The Kia Stinger is a problem... And the need for larger brakes
  115. Can you replace older stereo w/o AUX w/ newer model w/ Aux?
  116. 2.4i intake bolts (upper)
  117. I have 2 days left on my Vida subscriptions, anything else I should try to do while I'm active?
  118. do88 intercoolers, piping kits and silicone hose kits on sale @ .:EuroSport Tuning
  119. shifter cable bushings
  120. 2006 V50 t5 P2125, P2127 "reduced engine performance" in dashboard
  121. V50 D5 2008 - Dual mass flywhell + clutch replacement
  122. Passenger airbag warning light after engine cleaning
  123. Need help regarding my PCV
  124. Amp Power Wire: Firewall Penetration?
  125. After market TPMS sensors
  126. So, how much of an idiot am I...
  127. Suspected Rear sunroof drain clog
  128. Sunroof leaked last night
  129. Front Lip S40 prefacelift
  130. Water in footwells
  131. Swapping High Perfirmance speakers with DynAudio
  132. Thoughts on improving intake snorkel
  133. 2005 Volvo S40 T5 AWD M66 - Driver side window rattling
  134. Bad angle gear seals?
  135. Brake Hose Thread Size
  136. Dumped all my oil!
  137. Source For AWD Rear Axle Boot Kits?
  138. Rear Passenger Door Electric Failure
  139. Wing mirror strip off complete separation help needed!!
  140. New on this forum
  141. Amplifier upgrade, the simple way?
  142. LCA bushings - worth to polybush or not?
  143. compressor bypass valve &/or wastegate actuator
  144. Snabb Performance Memorial Day Sale Through ViVA Performance!
  145. HP Audio Aftermarket Subwoofer Install
  146. Stuck MT drain plug 05 S40 T5
  147. My S40 Error code list from Vida Dice
  148. Slight bump when engaging Reverse
  149. 07 S40 2.4i - How sensitive is the ABS system (bigger rear tires)?
  150. Installed new air intake, hose left over and dangling?
  151. 05 V50 T5 FWD - Some questions...
  152. UAC brand parts quality?
  153. Help needed,2009 Volvo s40 2.4i, water pump replacement.
  154. Looking at a 2009 Volvo S40 220,000 kms
  155. Driving with the windows down
  156. 2007 S40 T5 6 Speed with Clutch issues!! New to Volvo and need help!
  157. 2008 S40 2.4i not starting after battery replacement
  158. Temp setting adjustment of 2009 S40 Timing belt tensioner
  159. V50 new owner car overheated
  160. P1 V50 T5 (AWD) Planned suspension upgrades/fixes
  161. Wheel Id
  162. Seat Cover Ideas
  163. front strut bar
  164. Difference between R and standard model suspension?
  165. Engine Temp Too Hot, Stop Safely - Warning
  166. What’s the current collective wisdom on sourcing axle replacements?
  167. Volvo Tow For Life (Free Towing for All Volvos)
  168. Volvo S40 2006 AC Recirculation Problem
  169. Cigarette plug power on
  170. 50 shades of squeaks inside the 2007 S40
  171. '07 S40 2.4i with grinding noise and anti-skid service required. Is it safe to drive?
  172. High pressure fuel pump upgrade
  173. Key getting stuck in ignition when turning off car (2008 Volvo S40)
  174. Flushed Clutch Now Pedal Squeaks And Sticks
  175. 2.4i better throttle response?
  176. Identifying PCV Howl
  177. Cluster Question
  178. Purchase advise on 2010 v50 t5 awd m66
  179. Anyone have any Good - Car - Wagon - etc. - Commercials
  180. Aftermarket shift knob options? - m66 6spd manual.
  181. New Volvo S40 Owner
  182. Fuel efficiency
  183. Pre-facelift xenons to facelift Xenons
  184. 2.4i S40 - Fuel issues (hard starts, gas nozzle clicks, bad mpg)
  185. S40 2.4i Left(Transmission) side intermittent knocking, but only when iddling
  186. Leaky Heater Hose at Fire Wall
  187. Tow-away project: 2006 V50 t5 M66 AWD
  188. The deal of a century, the 500 dollar s40 that converted me to volvo
  189. Write-up: S40/V50 T5 AWD Rear wheel bearing
  190. Experience with ProTuning body pieces?
  191. Were headlight washers an option
  192. Pressure switch and compressor question.
  193. Acceleration difference with a V50 T5 AWD and AWD disengaged
  194. A/C Shim fix
  195. Single windshield wiper modification?
  196. V50 2.0D Tuning
  197. Engine sinking?
  198. Roof Rack Compatibility
  199. Rattle/buzz at cold start - anyone else have this?
  200. Volvo S40 AWD vibration and noise from the rear
  201. Advice on putting door panels back on
  202. P1 rear camber arm bolts
  203. '07 S40 Coolant AND Oil Leak
  204. V50 1.6D Commonrail Fuel Sensor, last resort!
  205. Transmission Performace low
  206. Found this under Air Box
  207. White Smoke and "Slow Down or Shift up" warning
  208. Silicone Grease on Battery Posts
  209. Aircon outlet in the boot for doggos
  210. T5 Exhaust on 2.4?
  211. 06 V50 2.4i Overheating Part 2
  212. Shifter Bushings for s40 with m66 6 speed.
  213. Less mods/parts for facelift model?
  214. Help me Diagnose my front suspension wobble
  215. Radio Knobs
  216. Does this part look new to you?
  217. 2009 V50 2.4i Flush A/C System
  218. Can 2.4 FWD Handle Snow?
  219. Replacing oil pan (05 s40 2.4i)
  220. Something is Amiss
  221. S40 2007 2.4i AUT 165k miles - Rattle from transmission
  222. 2004.5 Alternator
  223. Help
  224. oil leak? what repair do i need to make?
  225. 2006 V50 2.4i Replace Heater Core - Procedure Question
  226. 2006 V50 Heater Core Identification
  227. OBD/ CRUISE CO_NTROL Won't Work
  228. I won't see the name of the musics anymore
  229. S40 T5 Stuttering, stalling, jerking under load
  230. Oil Leak at the heads? - V50 T5 AWD
  231. Front OX Sensor, prices and part numbers all over the board - what do I need?
  232. New AC compressor, still short cycles
  233. Is there a how to for changing the Haldex pump
  234. 2006 V50 2.4i Coolant Path Diagram
  235. Evap Leak?
  236. Add aux power to trunk
  237. Cooling system troubleshooting help
  238. Stereo components overheating?
  239. Who was at MicroCenter today?
  240. Headlight assembly & bulbs Qs
  241. help with my brakes
  242. First Post - Seeking Feedback on Transmission and Clutch removal DIY Video P1 S40 M56 Transmission
  243. 11 S40 Evaporator Temp Sensor Location
  244. Opinion needed re: a/c service
  245. moving coolant reservoir for work
  246. Cross bar options for 08 v50 without factory rails?
  247. Transmission Valve Cover Leak
  248. S40 2004/09 stereo
  249. 2007 S40 2.4i - Engine sound check
  250. Intermittent coolant leak running down transmission (T5 M66)