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  1. No for me, I'm already overseas...
  2. Welcome to the new Overseas Delivery Forum!
  3. advice on overseas delivery
  4. Please SHARE your Volvo OSD experience here!
  5. OSD Question: Did you get a title?
  6. european spec OSD?
  7. OSD and X-plan?
  8. How to order a V70 R via the overseas program
  9. OSD in March - problem?
  10. Local Port to Retailer - how long?
  11. Anyone taking delivery Oct. 24?
  12. A small glitch in our OSD experience
  13. Currency Exchange
  14. Rules regarding placement of items in car during shipment of the car.
  15. Order Confirmation
  16. Some questions...
  17. WorldCell Phone Experience?
  18. Returned From OSD Trip - Fantastic
  19. Our OSD experience
  20. Resolution of the lack of ATACAMA Owner's manuals for Rs delivered through OSD on August 15, 2003.
  21. OSD Price Lists in Excel
  22. Motor Vehicle Requirements for European Countries
  23. Our OSD (Pretty Long)
  24. Tracking your vehicle home
  25. New Overseas Delivery Program Savings...
  26. Overseas delivery issues
  27. Question Mileage on Delivery
  28. Temporary License Plates
  29. We need a car for a commercial!
  30. OSD - Speed Sensitive Steering
  31. Yes or no?
  32. Want to see the ship your car is on?
  33. S80 Pearl White not Available?
  34. New OSD Prices - Question
  35. If you bought your vehicle through Yannis / Stillman Volvo Vote now
  36. Delivery Times
  37. Pricing
  38. OSD Speed Sensitive Steering - VADIS?
  39. Right hand drive available??
  40. European Navi DVD for OSD
  41. OSD European options different than US?
  42. How are vehicles packaged/shipped on their way back to the States?
  43. Winter Travel/Overseas Adventure Programs--From Europe?
  44. A-plan vs OSD pricing on XC90?
  45. Only ONE traveler for OSD.... can I get some sort of credit for 2d ticket?
  46. Accessories at FDC?
  47. Reverse OSD possible?
  48. How to handle trade-ins on OSD
  49. OSD Pricing?
  50. Overseas Delivery Questions
  51. Please share your OSD/TDS story
  52. A couple OSD questions
  53. Tax and OSD
  54. Winter tire options
  55. Tire Shop Needed in Göteborg
  56. Are OSD option prices really MSRP?
  57. OSD prices negotiable?
  58. Gothenberg pick-up next Wednesday
  59. How do I do it? Local dealer was useless...
  60. OSD schedule for All New S40 and V50
  61. OSD Break-in period
  62. Does anyone know the address of the OSD pick-up location?
  63. Are Radar detectors legal in Europe?
  64. StreetPilot GPS system - Anyone use it in Europe?
  65. Anyone do the glass factory tour?
  66. Cell Phone In Europe for OSD Pickup
  67. X Plan and Overseas Program ???
  68. A Plan or OSD Discount?
  69. Can you pick up your car anywhere else?
  70. Weather and Tires for OSD
  71. How long in advance do you need to order?
  72. OSD in Canada?
  73. Site recommendations for OSD
  74. Currency Exchange in Gothenburg
  75. We're here! Greetings from the Factory Delivery Center
  76. Volvo Outsells Competition...
  77. Color distribution
  78. Who do I call to confirm my order?
  79. Lessons Learned
  80. Shipping camping equipment
  81. Incredible deals on S60s...
  82. Barcelone trip sold out...
  83. Special Delivery Sales Tax
  84. NA delivery with Euro headlights
  85. Suggest a travelers forum
  86. How long does it take?
  87. Why is the S60 More Expensive in Belgium?
  88. New Drop Off Centers...
  89. OSD specific dates... is it possible?
  90. OSD Insurance
  91. Build date
  92. Tourist and Diplomate Sales
  93. C70 Travel Incentive...
  94. Purchasing Accessories
  95. Pricing?? how much
  96. OSD Dealer Issues/Lessons
  97. Modifing a S60R in Europe
  98. Great news for future R buyers, end of this summer, through the OSD program...
  99. My OSD experience (long)
  100. Current OSD Pricing????
  101. OSD Fuel Costs
  102. Suggestion when traveling to FDC
  103. Non US spec color
  104. 2005 S60R delivery dates
  105. 2004 XC90 2.5T
  106. 2005 S40 and V50
  107. ARGGGG... why is it taking so long?
  108. Volvo OSD can't seem to deliver
  109. Oil Changes and Scenic Drives in Europe
  110. Can someone in my family go on my behalf?
  111. Special R Model Overseas Event in August...
  112. Any of you come back with a Europe map disc?
  113. A little different OSD story.....
  114. Lease an OSD?
  115. Hey, OSD-ers
  116. Here are the details about the SPECIAL R trip in August 2004 (Formula 1 trip offer)
  117. These 2004 models cannot be ordered anymore, through the Overseas Delivery program
  118. Delay of ordering certain MY05 S40/V50 models through OSD.
  119. Recommend a Canadian OSD dealer?
  120. Pre-Built XC90's available via Overseas Delivery...
  121. Navigation System Settings
  122. :( just missed the 2004 order time
  123. Reason to buy at dealer vs. OSD???
  124. Calif State taxes with OSD delivery??
  125. Special order OSD deadline soon...
  126. Special on Premium Package/ when close on financing? Last order on May 2nd?
  127. Great Volvo OSD personnel
  128. Stena Line Express
  129. HELP...Is The Dealer Liable?
  130. OSD Leasing?
  131. I have LOVE!
  132. 2005 S40 specs coming up in the next 6-7 days
  133. Leasing - What MSRP?
  134. Question about OSD pricing negotiation
  135. will the FDC flash software
  136. Timing on 2004 XC90
  137. S40 / V50 Model Year 2005 Overseas Delivery Update...
  138. Leasing PITA
  139. Deadline for making modifications
  140. Dealer??
  141. Financing OSD
  142. Hotel alternatives in Gothenburg
  143. x-plan and OSD program?
  144. Pricing on remaining '04 XC90 T6
  145. pickup car same day arrival in goteborg?
  146. Drop-off points in Europe (and how I almost pulled my order)
  147. Information about the Gothenburg region
  148. New Incentive on XC70 wagons...
  149. 2005 S40/V50 Overseas Delivery pricing...
  150. osd college graduate program
  151. Tracking cars back to U.S.?
  152. Seasonal OSD Travel Offers
  153. S60 Diesel
  154. The Nightmare Continues...
  155. Washing before drop-off?
  156. S80 D5 Diesel
  157. OSD total costs
  158. V8 MY2005 - when available for OSD ordering?
  159. V70 2005 - When available for USA?
  160. XC90 for September delivery
  161. Cell phone?
  162. Order an Overseas Delivery 2005 Volvo at 2004 pricing...
  163. Using Swedish Plates in USA
  164. Anyone intested in buying a slightly used European Nav DVD???
  165. 2005MY S60R Formula 1 overseas delivery
  166. volvo TDI?
  167. Fly out from a different city?
  168. Trying to Order a 2005 S60R via OSD...
  169. Anyone experience any downsides of the Overseas Delivery
  170. Anyone cross the Oresund Bridge when going to Europe?
  171. 2005 R OSD Prices Yet?
  172. OSD pricing as compared to dealer invoice
  173. Any update on the OSD College Graduate Program?
  174. Is the deposit refundable
  175. GPS DVD
  176. must see things in sweden
  177. Just Completed OSD Pick up
  178. OSD - SALES TAX
  179. help, im lost
  180. Just ordered 2005 XC90 on Friday for OSD suggestions on travel?
  181. here is a different reason to go OSD...
  182. leasing and OSD
  183. August OSD 2004 XC 90
  184. Trip reports?
  185. Overseas delivery question
  186. 2005 R models available at 2004 prices--- VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!
  187. 2005 S40/V50 AWD Automatic available to be ordered!
  188. Updated info on the Overseas Delivery Program
  189. s60r my05 osd prices
  190. Meet up in Gothenburg?
  191. How is the factory tour?
  192. I live in Illinois, should I buy from Milwaukee or Chicago?
  193. Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program Breaks Segment Record
  194. How long to turn in a car?
  195. Your prayers/requests/complaints have been heard (Navigation DVD)
  196. IMPORTANT for those having placed an order for a 2005 XC90
  197. OSD and Volvo - Now THAT'S Customer Service!!! (re: Euro Nav DVD's)
  198. XC90 accessories available at the factory
  199. Possible to navigate Sweden without GPS???
  200. What to take?
  201. Ghent Belgium factory and tour
  202. MY2005 Prices have been announce (for local delivery, OSD are coming right up)
  203. T6 has arrived
  204. Are there additional cost to have the vehicle delivered to Alaska?
  205. Ordering Question for Dealers
  206. How do trade-ins work with OSD?
  207. How long will OSD last?
  208. Finally Placed Order, Need Euro-Travel Help...
  209. Getting ready to order; need travel advice
  210. Questions about qualifying as an expatriate customer
  211. Anyone else picking up car on OSD 10/6/04?
  212. Price for Touring Pkg went up $100
  213. 2005 S60R Base price???
  214. Trip Report
  215. When to order....
  216. West Coast, U.S. arrival - two weeks from port to dealer???
  217. Volvo Overseas Delivery Program Keeps the Heat On With July Sales Up Over 45%
  218. S60R Q: if yu do OSD, is there pretty much 1 set price?
  219. Need some advice on what to do after taking delivery....
  220. Do they come with
  221. Question about Home Shipment
  222. Where is my new "baby"
  223. Any R-specific OSD trips on the horizon? Also, is the R OSD pricing announced yet?
  224. Skiing
  225. European Options
  226. Dates and Times
  227. Second Person
  228. OSD Dealers
  229. Round trip question
  230. When does US warranty go in effect?
  231. 05 OSD plan changes?
  232. December pick up
  233. Favorite Castle near Goteborg?
  234. OTHER (Non SAS Radisson) hotels in Goteborg?
  235. Copenhagen or Stockholm
  236. Connexion by Boeing
  237. Peak OSD pickup dates?
  238. Leaving to witness the birth of our XC90
  239. FINALLY! Mnaual transmission S40 and V50 models available to order through OSD!
  240. Overseas Delivery News...
  241. Rear Entertainment System
  242. How did the F1 OSD program work out?
  243. Newbie Waiting on my confirmation packet
  244. Sorry, but I just have to rant a little (okay a lot)
  245. Anyone Have a European Navigation DVD For Sale?
  246. How long does it take to drive from Gothenburg do Stockholm...?
  247. Crash Test Facilities?
  248. New York Times OSD Article
  249. New Drop Off Location in Europe...
  250. Winter tires and the law?