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07-16-2008, 12:25 AM
The weekend of June 21/22 found the Mid America Chapter hosting the 2008 Midwest Regional event which was integrated into the Lindsborg, Kansas (“Little Sweden, USA”) “Midsommar Festival”.<p>Over 60 Volvo’s representing 15 States were there. A grand time was had with both the VCOA event and the Swedish Heritage events hosted by the citizens of Lindsborg.<p>First Place Awards at the Car Show on Saturday were:<br>P444/445/544/210 Group – The Tally Family of Overland Park, KS -1967 P210<br>P120/220 Group – Don Mackey of Houston Lake, MO - 1968 122S Wagon<br>P1800 Group – Tom Stoffel of Louisville, CO - 1970 1800E<br>140/160 Group – Clark Edwards of Letcher, SD – 1971 164<br>240/260 Group – Delisa Michalski of Columbia, MO – 1984 240DL<br>700/900/S90/V90 Group – Robert Thomison of Nashville, TN – 1995 965<br>850/S70/V70 Group – Joel Sydlow of Denver, CO – 1997 850T5<br>S40/V40/V50/S60/C70//S80 Group – Brett Borders of Brighton, CO – 2006 S60R<br>V70/XC70/XC90 Group – Linda Donnelly of Fort Collins, CO – 1998 V70-XC<br>Volvo By The Pound – Allen Bergman of Waukee, IA – 1978 B-58<br>High Mileage Award – Robert Lindwall of Kansas City, MO – 1987 745<br>Furthest Distance Traveled – Lornie Haugen of Tomahawk, WI – 1994 850<br>“Bud Tugley Award” – Spencer Flournoy of Tulsa, OK – 1972 142E<br>“Best In Show Award” – Lornie Haugen of Tomahawk, WI – 1994 850 w/ Travel Trailer<p>Volvo’s Multimillionaire Ambassador – Irv Gordon of East Patchogue, NY was there with his venerable 1966 P1800 which had turned over 2.6+ Million miles along the way.<p>Jim McKamey of Portage, IN – was there with his “1967 1800S/1992 Corvette C-4” – better known as the “Volvette” – an amazing piece of engineering and art.<p>First Place Results of Sunday’s Scenic Road Rally were:<br>Vintage Class - Ann and Tom Stoffel of Louisville, CO – 1970 1800E<br>Classic Class – Tim Bohl and Arista Gates of Minneapolis and Inver Grove Heights, MN – 1980 262C<br>Contemporary Class – Lilly and Robert Hans of Lincoln, NE – 2007 S60<br>