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03-30-2009, 09:42 PM
<I>"...School of Mines, MillerCoors, Lookout Mountain: hooray, its Golden!"</I><p>The fourth large Denver GTG of 2009 will be on <b><FONT COLOR="darkblue">Saturday, April <U>25th</U>, 2009 @ 11:00am</b></FONT>.<br>March pulled great numbers even with the massive spring snow storm days days prior...<p><FONT COLOR="darkgreen">Downtown Golden<br>11th Ave & Jackson Street<br>Public Parking Garage</FONT><p><u>Directions</u>:<br>* I-70 west to HY-58<br>* HY-58 west to Washington Street<br>* Washington south to 11th Street<br>* 11th Street east to Jackson Street<br>* Jackson street south to entrance of garage (first right; east facing entrance)<br>* drive slowly and carefully around and around to top level<p>We'll be on the top level of the garage to catch rays; see map for details:<p><IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"><p><u>Tentative Schedule</u>:<br>* meet up @ 11:00am<br>* converse / eat lunch (individual efforts; nothing is reserved) till 1:00pm<br>* hold drivers meeting for drive @ 1:10pm<br>* leave for drive @ ~1:20pm - 1:30pm<p><I>PLEASE NOTE: drive will be determined on location pending previous weather, consensus of drivers, and attendance!</I><p><FONT COLOR="black"><b>PLEASE</b></FONT> come with a <B>positive attitude</B>; many are meeting each other for the first time.<br>We don't anyone to crash the fun in the first of the year... that's never good!<p><FONT COLOR="Green"><b>NOTE</b></FONT> There will be no reservations set; this will be a "free-for-all" event.<p><FONT COLOR="red"><b>NOTE:</b></FONT> Also, there will be a few <FONT COLOR="orange"><b>OBDII VAG-COMs</b></FONT> and other scanners being brought if you need a scan. Just ask and we'd be glad to help fellow owners out.<p>Questions, concerns, comments? Feel free to IM me!<br>People usually arrive and meet and greet; enjoying the weather and good company. <br>Please post if your going; I'll do my best to keep track and update a list as it formulates.<p>- Erik <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://**********************/smile/ememail.gif" BORDER="0">

04-11-2009, 12:23 PM
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