View Full Version : Volvos at IKEA, Orlando!

09-28-2009, 03:11 PM
<br>Ikea Orlando will be hosting the "Volvos at Ikea" on Sunday November 1st,2009. They will be providing us with a sectioned off area for cars to park. We have access to the store. and also their restaurant. They also have a "community room" we can also get, but that has a fee and could also cater certain things or we can just go to the restaurant and order whatever anyone would like.. We will get the specifics on a possible meeting place and "cruising" over as a (huge) group about Noon or so. I still have to plan this out a little better as we have 4 other Volvo/euro boards online that will be part of this. Ikea has asked for a "round about" total as an estimate. We will be starting a list of members so we can give to them and then the "final" list will be given to them 10 days out as a final head count! Ikea seems excited to do this as other stores thru out the US do this and this will be the first time they will host. Let's not ruin this guys! I would like to make this a positive thing for the store, and for the group as if this works out, I might have a bigger meet planned with a theme park......They do have 2 particular "RULES" they did bring up to make sure everyone is aware. Under NO circumstances is there NO ALCOHOL on or around the premises of IKEA and the MALL of MILLENIA and also NO selling of ANYTHING on site! If you promised someone a grill or wheels trade at the meeting point but NO SELLING NADA! Also No burnouts, etc........ I think this will be a cool meet for all. This meet is posted on,, and on here! This is also open to the euro community, but will obviously be centered around the Volvo family. We also have a few groups coming from the Melbourne, Miami and Tampa area so as we get closer I will post more info. I also know that a small group of Vdubs from Melbourne might be heading over...So this should be a fun event for all! If you have any suggestions PM me with Ideas..