View Full Version : Sale Price and Leasing

02-10-2015, 11:21 AM
I'm new here, but I'm thinking of putting a refundable deposit down on an XC90. It seems like the dealers are all suggesting that the sale price will be MSRP. Does anyone know if there's A Plan pricing available for this car? My wife has access to A plan pricing through her employer, but it only lists cars that are presently available.

Also, I typically lease, and know that the residuals and money factors won't be knowable until it's time to pick up the car. But if you use MSRP, and exclude Volvo loyalty $ and any bank fee, it's possible that this car could cost over $800/month to lease. One dealer suggested low 50's for a residual % on a 36 month lease. So if you take a car that has MSRP of say, $55K, and a 53% residual, that sets up as $718/month, before interest and taxes. Is anyone else concerned about this, or at least the uncertainty of the leasing rates/program?


02-10-2015, 01:46 PM
I'm not concerned.....this is always what happens with a new model. There are not going to be final lease numbers decided upon until the cars are actually going to be on the road, and we are months away from that. This is no different for any other brand. It's always rather frustrating when you are a new buyer and can't get numbers, but's the industry standard, not a Volvo thing. Having a lease payment of $700+ a month for this car is what I would be expecting, as that is the payment range of any brand is this segment.