View Full Version : New engine old transmission on a 2006 xc90 AWD, 5 cyl, I do need help.

01-22-2016, 08:39 PM
I just replace the new(for me) engine. It was a great experience. It took longer that I thought but I learned a lot about my xc90. Finally I turn the key on and it work great. Sounds beautifully smooth, idle very nice and in general I was very satisfied about myself. However, when I was ready to move it out of the lift the car did not engage and obviously did not move. Some messages came on the display about the gears slipping, the engine light came on and I was not able to make it engage. Before I started with all the electrical connections and the hoses, I check the transmission fluid and shown well, however I remember I lost some fluid when I was working with the torque converter. I remember reading something about clearing the control modules and rechecking the trani oil. Anyway, if you guys can give me suggestions or if someone has had a similar situation I really appreciate your input.:confused::confused: