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11-29-2000, 09:26 PM
Is it just me, or does everyone have one username that they spread out all over the internet??<P>At least I know who I'm talking to... <IMG SRC=""><P>

11-29-2000, 09:45 PM
I use different user name than Vortex!! <IMG SRC=""><P>

11-29-2000, 09:59 PM
yeah same here, i have this name on superhonda, vwvortex, and here

11-30-2000, 10:05 AM
I use the same name everywhere... here, vortex, club b5, edmunds, etc.<P>

11-30-2000, 01:36 PM
I use to be Silly_me_laughing_again when I started playing with the internet, and then just shortened it because I hated typing the whole thing out to log in <IMG SRC=""> .<P>

12-01-2000, 11:02 AM
I chose this nick because using "addicted2vw" on a Volvo board seems kinda silly. The first car I ever drove (after getting my drivers license, that is) was a 240.<P>

12-01-2000, 05:28 PM
Same here. Although I *am* duckman147 on AIM.

12-02-2000, 08:57 PM
My brain isn't capable of remembering each different username on each different place, so I keep mine the same. I'd like to choose my own password though.<P>

12-02-2000, 09:15 PM
I have no facility for remembering anything. I must have thirty different passwords at various sites, just because the format has to be different on each one. If I have to remember the password, I'm sure not gonna sweat the username. With me, you get what you get.<BR> (sorry)<P>- Darell<P>

12-04-2000, 05:22 AM
Yup, same name on here, Vortex, ClubSi, Impreza-rs, clubdub, ICQ... ohh yeah<P>

12-04-2000, 05:58 AM
I'm scootergeek here, clubsi, and focaljet but I just lurk on the latter two. I'm plain old scott spaeth on the Scooterist BBS and<P>cheers,<BR>scott<P>

12-06-2000, 09:59 PM
I have the same name on the Vortex.... and I am sure many other places as well. I just don't remember where I registered.<P>-Travis<BR><P>

12-07-2000, 03:41 AM
always Avantboy! <IMG SRC=""> I will get my avant...<P>