View Full Version : FOUR 15" Volvo 850 OEM steel wheels w/ SNOW tires for sale:

11-14-2001, 02:52 AM
FOUR 15" Volvo 850 OEM steel wheels w/ SNOW tires for sale:<BR>Wheels: Volvo 850 OEM steel wheels 15x6-1/2 in., 5 lug, 108mm lug pattern.<BR>Tires: Winter 210 Performance , 195/60HR15, as recommended by VOLVO for the 850<BR>Reasons for selling: I am selling the 4 snow wheels that are left from my 850 turbo, which is now sold. I have these 15" snow wheels kicking around in the basement.<P>TIRES: Good condition. Used in 3 winters. 60% tread life left. One tire, however, have a puncture and have a slow air leak. I was told that this is repairable. The tire with the puncture is show below as the wheel which have the blue rectangle around it.<P>RIMS: ALL WHEELS are straight and true and balanced, by my Volvo dealer. I did not clean these wheels when I took the pictures. There is no visible rust on these wheels. <P>This set of snow wheels had been on my car for about 3 winters. It will fit all 850s and also S70/V70. These snow tires are GREAT on snow, I just don't know how I can get thru winter without them!!! Taken from the Pirelli website (click here):<P>Handling characteristics similar to an all-season tire, especially during cornering <BR>Approved for sporty cars and prestigious saloons <BR>Designed to reduce risk of aquaplaning <BR>Good snow traction and braking.<P>I spent $1200cdn on these snow tires + steelies when new. they are quiet (for a snow tire) and the traction on snow is phenomenal. It is definitely better then snow tires from brands such as Toyo or Yokohama. Pirelli is the tire manufactures for premium cars such as Porsche and BMW. <P>If you don't have winter tires or you are still using all season tires you must have these on!! <P><BR>Price: $200cdn obo. Email: [email protected] I am located in Toronto, Canada. Buyer pays shipping.<P>CLICK HERE FOR PICS AND INFO OF THE WHEELS!! <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <BR> <IMG SRC="">