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07-27-2005, 08:46 AM
I'm surprised you guys aren't talking it up here on this site. You are hosting the national meet. How many local members do you have that are planning to be there. I know there's a bunch of us hoosier chapter guys that will be driving out there.

07-28-2005, 01:23 PM
Hello-<br>We had a planning meeting last night and we have about 75 cars registered and there are about 15 locals yet to register. We are looking into about 150 cars. We have a great venue and the banquet is looking good with some very interesting speakers and multimedia presentations. We have a yahoo website that has most of our activity on it. But, one topic was to bring up conversation on this website as well. Keep spreading the word and it is shaping up to be a great meet. How many cars are coming in from your chapter?

07-28-2005, 01:30 PM
We'll have about 5-7 guys caravaning out to KC from Indy. We're leaving Fri a.m. and should arrive at the dealership around 4-5 pm.<p>I'll be driving a '98 saffron V70R. I haven't registered yet but I will soon.

08-25-2005, 01:14 PM
HOw's the meet looking? How many cars registered to date? I'll be leaving from Indy with at least two others guys on Friday a.m. I'll be in my saffron V70R.

09-18-2005, 09:18 PM
Just returned today from our first national meet...the crew in K.C. did a fantastic job .....<p>Friday's optional day featured a very interesting tour of the Harley Davidson Assembly Plant....with a bar-b-que reception at the local sponsoring Volvo dealership...<p>Saturday's "People's Choice" car show in Parksville was a splendid display of ~ 100 Volvos from the early '20's models, 544's 1800's through the more recent versions up to and including our 3 month old V50 T5 AWD.<br>The Saturday banquet at the Hilton sponsored by Volvo Cars USA was, service and speakers featuring news/video on upcoming C70, talk of the C30 and an overview of Kansas Speedway operations by their marketing manager...evening was highlighted by the car show awards and ended with a very humorous Volvo trivial pursuits' type of game pitting table against table....<p>Today, we enjoyed an ~ 80 mile poker ralley where 19 cars competed in a low stress enjoyable drive though the surrounding Kansas and Missouri countryside...prizes at the end for all.<p>Sure glad my wife and I attended and again, many thanks to the Heart of America chapter for hosting the event, Volov Cars US and the local Volvo Dealer Superior Volvo, for their support as well as the many fine companies who donated prizes. <p>Rick & Kathy Talbot<br>