View Full Version : Meet 11-19-05 - Seattle to Bellingham

the underlord
11-02-2005, 01:58 PM
Hey there guys and gals! <p>We're havin our first VCOA meet...<p>We're meeting up at the northgate mall (by the nordstroms) at 9:30 am, where we'll BS for a few minutes, and then get on the 5 northbound, The meeting point in Bellingham is the Sehome Villiage Haagons (off exit 252) at 11 am. From there we'll go to a bigger parking lot (last time we got hassled by the rent a cops) and then talk cars for a while, then go grab some lunch. We usually go to Bob's Burgers and Brew in the Barkley Center. Odd's are we'll be back on the road to seattle around 4-5 or so. <p>Hope to see some new faces there! We're all inclusive, we have RWD cars, FWD cars, AWD cars.. I really would love to see some of the Swedespeed faithful come out and make it to this month's meet! <p>- any questions, feel free and email me. <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0">